The Bucks will play their first final since 1974 and face the Suns

07/04/2021 at 12:28 CEST

It has been 47 years since the Milwaukee Bucks played a game in the NBA finals. The team has managed to enter the conference finals several times, but never before had they managed to impose themselves in such a forceful way as to enter this phase.

Now, the Milwaukee team has achieved it, largely thanks to one of its stars, the Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo, who put the team on his back in the trickiest moments. However, their star has been injured in the last two games, so the team will have to compose itself and continue on the road without this valuable player.

They face the Phoenix Suns, a team that a priori sets a trend after having destroyed all its rivals. Including some Los Angeles Lakers who fell by the wayside after the Suns won 3-4. After that, the Phoenix players themselves knew they would be unstoppable until the final, which they demonstrated by crushing the Nuggets 4-0 and defeating the fearsome Los Angeles Clippers.

It remains to be seen how the first match unfolds next Wednesday.

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