They are already part of the most golden history of world tennis and their legacy will be hard to beat by any other couple. Mike Bryan and Bob Bryan They have made the impossible possible, demonstrated that two bodies can function as one, and elevated the concept of rapport to a higher status. The coronavirus may alter your plans for withdrawal since the US Open 2020 as a farewell, but they do not contemplate maintaining that decision in the context in which the event will be held. As they defoliate the daisy to certify whether they are continuing an entire season or ending their career, the brothers reflected in an ATP article on the difficulty of having a stable pair of doubles.

“You have to be very crazy to endure so much time competing with the same person. I think that the fact of sharing DNA is the only explanation for ours”, the winners of 119 titles. 16 of them from Grand Slam, and Olympic gold medalists in London 2012. “We have the same blood, we have been connected all our lives, we do not understand our existence without each other. Our bond is unbreakable and that is what has allowed us to compete so many years on the circuit “, they assure.

It is increasingly common for elite doubles couples to not last long. The stress, the enormous wear and tear produced by the competition and the inevitable friction, make it difficult to find dualities as long-lived as that of the Bryans. “As soon as you share a couple of seasons with someone, a certain tiredness is generated and a new teammate is sought. It is difficult to manage defeats, after games you can say unpleasant things to your teammate and if you don’t have a bond like ours, you can’t stand, ” Bryan brothers.