The brutal physical change after signing for Las Palmas

Jesé Rodriguez looks like another. Weeks passed and the canary could not find a team after his contract termination with PSG. He came back to The palms, with his family and with Aurah Ruiz, with which he returns to share his life and his day to day despite his legal troubles. He began to take care of himself and train alone, and on the horn he signed for the Las Palmas Sports Union, the team of their land. His reasons were obviously not economic, as his salary is very tight on the island. He wants to feel like a footballer again and regain his best level, the one he gave at Real Madrid before the knee injury that has marked his professional career.

When he signed for Las Palmas, Jesé Rodríguez was not one hundred percent to play. He and the club recognized him, but he passed the relevant medical examination and got on with it. And he has worked in such a way that in just two weeks he has experienced a brutal and mind-blowing physical change. The canary has lost four kilos and it is thinner than in recent years. In addition, according to ‘Las Provincias’, sources from the yellow entity highlight the “humility” with which it has arrived, being the first to arrive and the last to leave.

And it is that although Jesé Rodríguez has already made a lot of money with football, the player knows that he does not have too many trains left to return to the elite. He was able to go play in an exotic league and win more, but he has thought about sports. He wants to reconnect with himself on the pitch and is already fully prepared and fit to do so, in fact He already debuted against Cartagena.

Personally, he is also much calmer than a few months ago. Has found stability again with Aurah ruiz, is close to his children, his parents, his lifelong friends … This new Jesé Rodríguez has opted to give his best in Las Palmas so that people talk about him again as a footballer and not only for extra-sporting reasons . And in effort and work he is not skimping for now.