the brand launches a new interior

The interior of the next Honda cars will change considerably and the new Civic will be one of the first models to have a more modern and minimalist cabin.

April 28, 2021 (10:50 CET)

Eleventh-generation Civic with new Honda interiorEleventh-generation Civic with new Honda interior

Sling wants to simplify the interior design of your next cars with a cabin configuration that is more simple, minimalist, practical and modern. In the last hours, we have just learned that the new generation Civic (eleventh) will incorporate the new interior concept of the Japanese firm, a design that can also be seen in the recently unveiled HR-V e: HEV.

Jonathan Norman, Head of Interior Design at Honda in the United States, has been one of the top managers of the firm in presenting the new features of the new interior of the next cars of the Japanese brand. The new cabin style will be a real revolution for a manufacturer that has often had us accustomed to the most sophisticated designs, such as that shown by the eighth-generation Civic presented in 2005.

The interior of the new Honda cars, in detailThe interior of the new Honda cars, in detail

In this way, eIn the new interior of Honda cars and SUVs, few items will appear on the dashboard and center console. The predominant touch screen will be accompanied by a series of physical controls or buttons from which the air conditioning can be regulated, among other functions and actions. “We want users to access common functions quickly and easily,” explained Jonathan Norman. On the other hand, it is also intended that no decorative element can obstruct the visibility of the occupants. For its part, the steering wheel will be made of high-quality material and will be equipped with multiple controls and buttons. Other notable changes are an enlarged windshield, new pillars and a lowered hood.

At the moment, this is all we can advance you from new interior of upcoming Honda vehicles and 11th generation Civic, whose official presentation is imminent. In the case of this popular model, first all the technical details concerning the sedan body version for the United States and whose production will begin soon will be revealed. Somewhat later, the Japanese firm will reveal all the specifications concerning the five-door hatchback body, much more popular and well-known among European drivers.