The Boys: The official Twitter account reveals easter eggs from the second season that not everyone caught

One of the qualities of modern popular culture is its taste in making references to it; In other words, in a superhero movie or series it is very normal to find all kinds of Easter eggs, generally on the comics on which they are based. The Boys – 95% is a cynical and obscure parody of the genre, but it is not saved from having this type of references. Actually, they abound in the series.

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Not everyone watches these shows with the intention of capturing all these kinds of details. Many people can easily get away with it. For this reason, the official Twitter account (via CBR) of this Amazon series decided to share a video in which they mention seven Easter egss that could have escaped the fans of the program and emphasized that none has to do with the release date of the third season:

Here are seven references to popular culture that may have been missed in season 2. And before you ask, none of them have to do with the season three release date:

Here we are going to explain what each of them are for those who do not know English.

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The first of the easter eggs has to do with the famous Broadway musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda when we have the information. When the director of a future Seven movie talks about the possibility of getting Miranda to lend her voice for the film, it thrills Ashley Barrett, vice president of Vought.

The second has to do with the guitar that A-Train buys. This character buys the guitar that Prince used in Purple Rain – 67%, but is forced to sell it when his fortune begins to dwindle. The video makes it clear to us that the one used in the series is a replica and not the original.

The third is the name of two of Vought International’s publicists. They are called Seth and Evan. As you surely know, the show’s executive producers are Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Jack Quaid played a character named Marvel in The Hunger Games – 84%. There is a reference to this in the series. In the first chapter of the second season his character, Hughie says that he could be the secret leader that The Boys the team had needed from the beginning:

I can be Harry Potter. Or, you know, John Connor. Or whatever it’s called from The Hunger Games.

The grandchildren of Seven’s former leader were accidentally killed by one of his former members: Lamplighter. As its name indicates, its powers have to do with fire. He was played by Shawn Ashmore. Maybe not everyone remembers, but this actor is the one who brought Iceman to life in the original X-Men trilogy. In other words, he has played ice and fire.

There is a reference to the Green Lantern oath. For those who do not remember it well, it is the following:

In the brightest day, in the darkest night, no evil will escape my sight. Let those who worship evil fear my power, the light of the Green Lantern!

In the series we learn that a Homelander movie is called Homelander: Darkest Day and the other is Homelander: The Brightest Night.

The last eastern egg has to do with something that not all Latin American viewers are going to be familiar with. It is a reference to Spuds MacKenzie. Who are some of you asking? The eighties were a very strange time. One of their peculiarities was that at the end of that decade at Bud Light they had a good idea to promote their beer using a bull terrirer named Spuds MacKenzie. As you can imagine, this generated all kinds of controversies, including the fact that they could be inciting children to drink. In his first appearance Kenji, Female’s brother, wears a shirt of this iconic little dog, which was actually female.

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