Since season 2 of ‘The Boys’ premiered a few days ago, the first chapters were leaving subtle clues about another classic Vought superhero: Liberty. We could see her in profile in some street signs or hooded in old commercials.

Fans of ‘The Boys’ had been wondering for days who this mysterious Liberty would be, since unlike other superheroes in the series, not part of the original comics Created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The surprising answer is that Liberty is the old name for Stormfront, the new superheroine who has arrived to revolutionize The Seven and make Patriota (Homelander) jealous.

Stormfront is actually Liberty, a former member of Vought

For now we don’t know for sure how old Liberty is, but I was already working for Vought in 1971, when she committed a mysterious murder claiming that she was a hero because she murdered black people. Vought bribed to cover up this murder and, although in theory Liberty retired years later, Vought had never stopped exploiting his image by selling merchandise.

Many questions and some answers about Liberty

Why has Liberty changed its identity to Stormfront? How old is he really? Why doesn’t it age? They are some questions that ‘The Boys’ has to answer in the remaining episodes and of which its creators have given some clues. The most widespread theory, for now, is that Compound V is responsible for Liberty to remain as youngAlthough that would not explain his absence for so many years. Another theory is that Vought froze his body and has now resurrected it with hidden interests.

Starlight is, for now, the only one who knows the truth of Stormfront

Eric Kripke, showrunner of ‘The Boys’, explained to IGN that « we always wanted to have Stormfront as a character, but we wanted it to reflect 2020, with a wrap of charm and social media« In the comics Stormfront was a man, and the change that is revealed now is that » Stormfront had a lot of hatred in it, and now that we know that she is old, we understand that she is packing old thoughts of racism in new packaging. « 

Kripke explained that the Liberty name came out naturally as « Vought gives his characters marketing names that, in general, they are the opposite of what they profess: Queen Maeve doesn’t act like a queen, Patriot doesn’t really protect the homeland, and Liberty is just the opposite of freedom. «