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The Boys – 95% is one of the great surprises of recent years. With a unique and risky style, he took superheroes to a level of seriousness and realism like we had never seen before, and showed us the dark side of a character with superpowers. Featuring parodies / tributes of the most popular Marvel and DC Comics superheroes The Boys it subverted the genre and garnered millions of fans.

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The third season of The Boys, which is expected and arrives on Amazon Prime Video before the end of this year, will bring new characters that have already caught the attention of fans, such as Soldier Boy, inspired by Captain America, and which is played by Jensen Ackles. Now Variety (via Collider) reports that a new actress has joined the show to bring Crimson Countess to life, inspired by Marvel’s Scarlet Witch.

The person in charge of giving life to Crimson Countess is Laurie Holden, whom many will remember for her roles in the films The Majestic (2001), The Fog – 73%, A Most Idiot Couple – 29%, and Arctic Justice, as well as in the series The X-Files (1996–2002), The Walking Dead – 82% and The Americans – 99%. Holden will give life to the version of The Boys Scarlet Witch, who is a member of the group known as Payback, in turn a parody of The Avengers.

Just as Scarlet Witch has an affair with the android Vision, Crimson Countess has an affair with the Mind-Droid character, so you may notice that the similarities are very clear. In addition to Holden as Crimson Countess, actors Sean Patrick Flanery was recently confirmed, Nick wechsler, Y Miles Gaston Villanueva like Supersonic, Gunpowder and Blue Hawk respectively, and they are original characters from the series that do not come from The Boys comics.

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron – 75%, with numerous changes from its original version of the comics, since Marvel Studios did not have the rights to the X-Men, and they could not put the mutant Magneto as his father. However, Elizabeth Olsen’s performance was enough to satisfy the audience and she is now a favorite Avengers; after Age of Ultron appeared in Captain America: Civil War – 90%, Avengers: Infinity War – 79% and Avengers: Endgame – 95%, and this year he had his first starring role in the Disney Plus series WandaVision – 95%.

Despite the fact that Wanda was a character loved by fans, her role had almost always been secondary in the saga, and with the arrival of WandaVision we had a deeper approach to his mind and his story; Through memories we learn that the magical powers he has were not the product of the Mind Stone, but that he already had them from birth.

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After the tragic end of the series, we will have to wait for the arrival of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to know what the future holds for the Scarlet Witch. As far as the story is, we could see that Wanda is making use of the Darkhold, an evil book from which Agatha Harkness had learned her powers. At the end of WandaVision We could see that the protagonist acquired new and impressive abilities, which were described as chaos magic, and allow her to create things from nothing.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, and remains an epic and fun proposition for fans of superheroes. For much darker and critical stories with society we have The Boys, but you can be a fan of both franchises without any problem, just as there are fans of DC Comics and Marvel.

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