The crown bourgeois is here to stay because of a pandemic | INSTAGRAM

Undoubtedly, the topic that has made headlines around the world has been the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. A restaurant located in Hanoi, Vietnam decided to put a bad face on it.

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Inspired by the form of the virus, Hanoi Pizza Home staff developed the “coronaburger”, a hamburger whose bread has the distinctive spikes of this disease.

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“In the midst of all the bad news about the pandemic, we decided to make the ‘coronaburger’ to make people feel happier,” says Dang Van Khu, one of the architects of this idea.

The peculiar buns have a greenish hue, the product of adding sweet leaves to the dough mixture, which is baked in the traditional way and complemented with meat and other ingredients.

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“The hardest part is making the bread look like the virus; we make sure it looks good and tastes like a traditional hamburger bun. We carefully mix and knead the breads.

“Since we started making them, we have sold up to 50 ‘coronaburgers’ a day,” says Van Khu.

On the other hand there are also the “Conchavirus”, the new creation product of Mexican ingenuity, the bread that honors the coronavirus and that promises to make the days of quarantine more bearable.

Bread fans will be able to find a new variety of the much sought-after food since a new creation arrived at one of the Mexican bakeries. The “Conchavirus” which is found in different color presentations, however there have not yet been people who testify its flavor.