The book with which Santiago Abascal has risen to the rostrum generates a significant stir

Santiago Abascal in the control session to the Government this Wednesday. (Photo: Sergio R Moreno GTRES)

The Congress of Deputies has lived this Wednesday one of the most tense sessions in recent months and that is to say. The pardons to the Catalan politicians who promoted ‘el procés’ in 2017 have marked one of the days with the most insults and the most sour in recent times.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared to explain the pardons, a measure that, as he has remarked, is legal and constitutional, “not only when adopted by the PP.”

On the other hand, Pablo Casado has demanded his resignation and has asked him to call elections. Ciudadanos and Vox have chosen to urge the PP to present a motion of censure against Sánchez.

But there is another moment that is imperceptible for many but that has not gone unnoticed on Twitter. The leader of Vox has risen to the rostrum with the book Feria, by Ana Iris Simón, something that has generated a significant stir on Twitter.

But why does it generate controversy?

A few weeks ago, the writer Ana Iris Simón was invited to an event at Moncloa on depopulation within the Spain 2050 plan. The La Mancha author gave a critical speech in which she vindicated the life her parents had at her age, especially to when it comes to finding a job, having a home and having children.

This speech has been read in different ways and has come to be identified with postulates close to the extreme right.

As reported in a report in El HuffPost, “while some simply see in this statement a fight against current precariousness, others believe that with this nostalgic vision the past is idealized in a way that is more aligned with the thinking of the radical right, and argue that the natalist vision and the defense of the family & lsquo …

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