‘Chronicle of an announced massacre’ is a book that brings together the reflections of the Dr. Manuel Gallo, specialist in Gynecology and founder of the Medical Agora Teaching Project, about the Covid-19 health crisis that left thousands of people dead in our country. Has also a compilation of all the information on the pandemic from April 1 to May 3, especially all the content of interest that the media uncovered, OKDIARIO among them.

«This book is written by a doctor indignant, but not surprised, by what is happening in Spain. I have been awake many nights, like many Spaniards, concerned about my family, “begins the letter. It further warns that “Although I’m a doctor, I’m not going to talk about the purely medical issues specific to the pandemic, of its origin or its effects on the body, etc. (…), since due to my specialty I have no epidemiological or clinical training and I am aware of my limitations ».

However, Dr. Gallo explains that one of the things that prompted him to write this book were “the videos that fellow doctors and health professionals send about his lack of protection since the beginning of the crisis”, as well as “his family dramas for having infected other members of his family, for the lack of prevention of a Government that neither they nor anyone deserves«.

“The egotism of both is immense, but also their mediocrity”

He believes, and thus expresses it, that the Executive “has acted late and poorly in the epidemic reported by international health authorities such as the WHO since January and by multiple official reports from international organizations in February and March. All this to satisfy the feminist movement and allow the manifestation of 8M in Spain and specifically in Madrid.«. The story, he continues, noting that the number of victims that this tragic pandemic has left on the road «reminds of the Civil War 80 years ago“And, all this, he details,” because of an inept, irresponsible, negligent and proud government that has not known (or has not wanted to) see the problem of the epidemic. “

The objective, explains Dr. Gallo is “to try to be of help, through my condition of Physician and Judicial Expert of the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) for 25 years, in a disinterested way for the judicial claims that are made against this irresponsible and negligent government ».

In this sense, and in his opinion, Dr. Gallo, believes that this “Government has been wrong in a seriously irresponsible and negligent way” because it is led by “egomaniacs” who do not have “sufficient mental, intellectual and mental preparation” to face a pandemic of these characteristics. “The egotism of both is immense, but also their mediocrity”concludes.

“They should have restructured the government and formed a crisis cabinet”

As a doctor, he also points out that “they have not had the measures of a prepared government” because, in his opinion, he should have set up a “scientific advisory committee with expert jurist, including, appointing a Minister of Health who is an expert in health management ”, as well as“ appointing a minister of education with guarantees, purchase and supply of material necessary for the epidemic, the ability to restructure a Government or the formation of a crisis cabinet«.

On the contrary, Dr. Gallo has had words of praise for José Luis Martínez Almeida, mayor of Madrid, and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, since she believes that “one day we will have to thank her for her dedication, dedication and work, despite having the Prime Minister as her main enemy, Pedro Sánchez«.

Dr. Gallo, who stopped collecting information on the pandemic and its management by political leaders on May 3, has launched two more titles dedicated «to the sanitary disaster that we have suffered in Spain»: ‘Chronicle of a massacre against Doctors and Health’ and ‘Chronicle of a genocide against our Elders’.