The Book of Boba Fett will tell where Boba Fett has been since Episode VI

Image of Boba Fett in The Mandalorian 2x06: Chapter 14 - The Tragedy

This December the series will premiere on Disney + “The Book of Boba Fett”. A new series that will be able to focus attention on the character that Temuera Morrisson plays as a consequence of giving life to Jango Fett and his clones in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

The end of the second season of “The Mandalorian” laid the foundations of the story that will be told in this other series, but it seems that the series will take advantage of it to also make a trip to the past of the character. Actually the Mando series did not explain what happened to Boba Fett since he had that apparent lack of destiny in the well of Sarlacc. We were given some clues, but nothing really substantial was told. However, the new Star Wars series will solve the mystery.

In an interview for Rotten Tomatoes, actor Temuera Morrisson has asked him we will see more Boba Fett fighting as we saw him in “The Mandalorian.” The actor, in his response, leaves the revelation that will clarify where Boba Fett has been since “Episode VI: The Empire Strikes Back”:

Well we can’t say too much but let’s see his past and where he’s been since The Empire Strikes Back. Someone pointed out that he has been trapped in this place, and now is the time to go back in time and see his journey and find out more about him.

But yeah, that was the advantage for me, it was that we hadn’t seen him do much. And together with Robert Rodriguez as director, we were able to present it dynamically, bring it back dynamically with the Mandalorian. It was an honor to be asked to come back.

Temuera has also remembered how was the meeting in which they commented on the idea:

It’s a new era, and I think they are looking for new faces. And of course, again, it was Dave Filoni or Jon Favreau who probably got together, and then had some conversations. I was calm but excited when I did the meeting. I saw a couple of conceptual arts on the wall and there was a guy who looked a lot, a lot like me. And he would say to me: ‘Is it me? Yes, it must be me. Yes, it’s me’.

And then of course after having a good meeting with these guys, they outlined some things, it was just wonderful. Again, it was nice working with these people, and it was a great opportunity.

Another detail that confirms is that Robert Rodríguez has not directed all the episodes. There are more directors involved:

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Robert was brought in to direct some more. There are some wonderful directors involved. It is hard work, what we do now, a totally new system, with the COVID in place, the health and safety regulations.

Finally, he admits that he has a certain fear of not meeting expectations, but believes that they have done a good job with the series.

I just hope to meet the expectations, because somehow you can feel those things. Before you have asked me about the occupation, if you can feel or perceive something, but definitely in The Book of Boba, you can have more feeling if it is working or not.

So I think being involved in the latest series of ‘The Mandalorian’ and having a re-entry, has created a little more buzz. But yes, I feel good. We have done a good job.

The series recently ended was filming phase. It does not yet have a specific release date, but it is expected to arrive in December of this 2021.

Via information | Rotten tomatoes

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