The Body Shop opens a store inside Mercado Libre

The beauty market has found in electronic commerce a great commercial ally, due to the influence that this medium has.

An element that has characterized e-commerce today is the capacity with which brands have sought to consolidate themselves in the market.

Among the aspects that determine the value of a brand are those that have to do with its digital performance, where Mercado Libre is a leader alongside platforms such as Amazon.

The Body Shop opens a virtual store in Mexico and does so within Mercado Libre together with brands such as Avéne and Ducray, which are essential in skin care.

This opening of these brands to digital segments is important, because before their inventory was limited to department stores and their own physical stores, however, as we have already seen, the contingency of imposing new sales rules.

Bet on the digital channel

The commitment to the digital channel is and will always be a key opportunity for businesses and consumers, to be able to extend their business to a medium that does not disappoint, on the contrary, it has become a benchmark, due to its commercial capacity.

The commitment to the digital medium is undoubtedly a very important one, especially since today key references have been established in the market, among these references is social commerce, which has made the most of the digital channel, to be able to carry carry out a commercial activity.

New consumers

Figures from Mercado Libre Ads identified consumer profiles online. The first of them are the frequent ones, who repeatedly purchase a large number of products, in categories that are already their favorites, such as cleaning or beer.

The experts in offers are another type of profile, whose purchase ticket is 60 percent higher in discount season, compared to the normal ticket.

The premium is the one that acquires high-cost products. Explorers, as the name implies, carry out an intense search for products and the loyal ones are the ones who always turn to Mercado Libre as their first option, before considering a purchase.

Digital, lifeguard in contingency

Digital has become the lifeline during this contingency, in large part because this medium has been able to consolidate all kinds of references that have no waste, especially those that have to do with electronic commerce.

At this point, an aspect that we should not underestimate is that which has to do with the ability that brands have reached to understand the consumer. Hence, it is extremely important to narrate the data that is around a consumer and, most importantly, to understand what strategy is appropriate when doing these exercises.

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