Monday May 11, 2020

The German-born couple (Boateng) who plays for different countries is one of the emblematic cases of relatives on the playing field. Like them, there are other cases that are important to highlight and here at Prensaf Fútbol we tell you which are those soccer players.

The blood unites them, but within the field they are usually rivals. Throughout history, there are usually known cases of family members who played soccer and each one made his way so as not to carry the shadow of the other. That is why in Soccer press We collect some of the most important brothers in world football.

Both born in Germany; one in March 1987 and the other in September 1988, with the differences that one of them defends the colors of Ghana (Kevin-Prince) after having a FIFA approval and did so in South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014, where he ran into with his brother on more than one occasion.

In the two times they met for World Cups, the Bayern Munich defender (Jerome) takes advantage with a victory (1-0) on African soil and a draw (2-2) on South American soil. However, the blood relatives continued to face each other, especially in the Bundesliga when ‘KP’ was playing for Schalke 04.

Also born in Germany but with different professional development in their careers. The first, born in 1987 (Sami) already has in his record a World Cup with his country, a Champions League and a significant number of trophies, which he hopes to continue increasing with Juventus.

While his brother (Rani), a native of Stuttgart and 26 years old, he played in the minor divisions of the German team in 2011 and obtained third place in the Under 17 World Cup that took place in Mexico. Currently, the midfielder is active in Ausburg, a Bundesliga team.

They play in different countries, but they are partners in the Belgium team. The first, he plays for Real Madrid (Eden) but the injuries have not left him alone and little of his talent has been seen in the ‘meringues’.

Of course, the 29-year-old winger went through French football and Chelsea, where he won two Europa League, two Premier League, one FA and League Cup.

For his part, his 27-year-old brother (Thorgan) has played in the German tournament since 2012 and his time at Borussia Monchengladbach stands out and he currently defends the colors of Borussia Dortmund. The common point between both players is that they were part of the team that got third place for the European country in Russia 2018.

One formed in Racing (Diego) and the other in Independent. The oldest played as a striker, while the youngest (Gabriel) played as a central defender. In the case of ‘Rocky’ he dazzled at Inter and was a figure of that Champions League final in 2010 when scoring both goals for Bayern Munich and for winning the 2014 tournament on his return to Racing, where he now holds management positions.

While ‘Gabi’ went through ‘Rojo’, Zaragoza and was part of the historic Barcelona sextet in 2009. Now he became technical director and directed O’Higgins, with a poor performance as in Estudiantes de La Plata, where it came out at the beginning of the year.

Dutch banners in the mid-1990s. The twins, born in 1970, shared a dressing room in large teams; one of them Ajax, where they were multi-champions and the 1995 Champions League stands out.

Subsequently, they were in the Tulipan team that was fourth in France 1998 and from there they went, which one arrived in the middle of that year and the other in 2000

The brothers did not separate and ended their career in Qatar, with the difference that Frank retired two years before his blood relative (2006). The latter became DT, with good results at Ajax, but with bad numbers at Inter as at Crystal Palace.

Another emblematic case is the Ivorian brothers who stood out in the Premier League. The first was a key player in Arsenal that reached the Champions League final in 2006 and won various trophies with the London team. While Yaya, dazzled in Barcelona and was a member of the team that won the sextet and then jumped to Manchester City, a club where he spent eight years and shared a dressing room with his brother, in which they obtained the English league in the 2011-12 season. Both had another family member who was playing, as was the case of Ibrahim Touré, who died in 2014 at age 28 from cancer.

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