‘The boarding school: Las Cumbres’ – Re-animator

Reliving a series that was successful in the past seems like a safe bet, at least in the short term. An initiative that has become a growing habit, whether due to inertia, necessity, survival, comfort, opportunism or laziness. A custom, on the other hand, very much in keeping with the times in which series and movies end up reduced to being little more than “content”. In the heat of this modernity, that ‘El internado’ now becomes “content” of a streaming service instead of “filler” in a generalist channel makes a lot of sense.

Reliving a series that was successful in the past seems like a safe bet, at least in the short term. Especially for a streaming service, where its possible success or failure can easily be left to the mercy of the curiosity or attention received during a weekend in which nothing else has to happen. Those 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol said, more than enough to issue a statement that the press, in its quest for more or less beautiful, more or less sponsored headlines, can turn into a self-respecting reality.

Reliving a series that was successful in the past is very tempting, as well as an easy to place headline. Now, as Dr. Herbert West knows, resuscitation should not be taken lightly if we do not want us to be left with an undead … like the one in ‘The boarding school: Las Cumbres’, without going any further. The problem for me, and I repeat, for me is that this new “boarding school” refers too much to the old one. As if we had not grown up, time had passed or the world had changed; as if the leap from television to streaming had not been made either.

‘Las Cumbres’ does not represent a significant evolution with respect to what a server very vaguely remembers from ‘Laguna Negra’, a series that is not closely marked since it never seemed to me to be precisely … good. That before I have labeled it a “filler” already gave a clue to my opinion, based mainly on zapping. ‘Las Cumbres’ neither improves nor worsens it. Simply put, in Martin Scorsese’s recent words, it would be “devalued, marginalized, degraded and reduced to its lowest common denominator, content.”

Again. Again. No news at the front. From “filler” to “content”, as if the world is still the same as fourteen years ago. As if everything were still the same, or if you wanted everything to remain the same. A “product” that does not risk, bends to the opportune adolescent condescension and develops under a certain pattern that I am clear about, I understand, it is concocted by people like me although it is not directed for people like me, too old in years to not bumping into the generation gap every day.

And that to tell the truth, ‘The boarding school: Las Cumbres’ has entertained me. It has entertained me even though it has not surprised me once. Nor scared, provoked or excited, although at some point he seemed to try to do one of the three things. As an appearance, after all, it is what it carries in the name and no one can blame it except, if anything, for being too much a slave to it. For being too immobile for herself, despising her possibilities and especially the public with an age of memory.

It cannot be said that it is not what was expected, being precisely – and unfortunately – what was expected; I suppose, also for fans who have not matured. ‘El internado: Las Cumbres’ is a superficial and stiff nonsense, more a puppet theater for the fainthearted than a representation of a microcosm where adolescent sex, rebellion and provocation are not reduced to hollow and capricious clichés imposed of doubtful credibility and narrative profitability. Or “content” that before “content”, is the cover of the “content”.