The Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University of the Junta de Andalucía it has called for aid amounting to 2.2 million euros aimed at financing R & D & i projects developed by private entities. These incentives are convened in a competitive competition regime and to qualify for them, the recipients must be previously qualified as agents of the Andalusian knowledge system. This line of subsidies, which is part of the Andalusian Research, Development and Innovation Plan (PAIDI) 20214-2020, It is included in the allocation of 236.6 million consigned until mid-2020 by the regional government to reactivate the research activity of universities and public and private R&D centers. This global amount will be increased in the second half as new lines are established.

The initiatives that are the object of these grants must respond to two main objectives or modalities; the challenges of Andalusian society and the collaboration with the productive fabric. In the first case, research projects can focus on various areas such as health, demographic change, and social well-being; food security, agriculture and marine research; safe and clean energy; smart transportation; the environment, the efficiency of resources and raw materials; inclusive societies; and the digital economy and society.

In the second section, it is intended promote proposals in cooperation with private companies of the Andalusian productive sector, preferably with SMEs, that involve the transfer of knowledge and technology from research centers to the business fabric through the development of innovative services or products. In this case, the research initiatives must have the participation of one or more companies, and the business side must contribute a minimum of 15% of the accepted budget.

The projects subsidized in each of these two modalities will have a maximum duration of two years and will be directed by a main researcher, in possession of the title of doctor. The members that make up the team must meet at least one of the following requirements: be staff with a higher degree linked to the beneficiary entity, be a predoctoral, postdoctoral researcher and a higher graduate hired under the project.

Between the bankable costs aid includes salary cost. The maximum eligible annual staff contracts, including gross remuneration and social security costs, will be up to 42,000 euros for the doctor researcher; up to 26,000 euros for predoctoral staff and for the figure of technical support staff. In the case of technical support personnel, the amounts can range between 26,000 euros for university graduates and 22,500 euros for the different categories of technical support personnel of the vocational training system.

The costs of acquisition, rental, maintenance or repair of scientific equipment and material will also be financed; of bibliographic material and computer programs and equipment for the project.

The term to opt for the two categories included in this order, which are financed with FEDER fundsIt will be from March 10 to 24 at 3:00 p.m. The requests will be presented in the electronic register of the Board Administration, through the following electronic addresses:;;

236.6 million

The 236.6 million that are made available to the scientific community respond to the Board’s commitment to give a new impetus to research after the paralysis detected since 2012, a period of seven years in which the Autonomous Administration barely granted aid due to the blocking of unresolved open calls. This situation was reflected in the Andalusian Government’s investment in R&D in the region, which has gone from 32.2% in 2008 to 31.5% in 2017, according to a study prepared by the Andalusian Knowledge Agency.

Since the beginning of the legislature, the Ministry of Economy It has focused its efforts on reversing this negative trend, taking into account that R&D and innovation are two areas of high interest for Andalusia, since they are closely linked to business competitiveness and, therefore, to the economic development of the region. . Therefore, its actions have been directed in two directions: on the one hand, the promotion of new lines of incentives, that bring together the bulk of the 236.6 million: 152 million; and on the other, the reactivation of pending grants, which represent an amount of 84.6 million. All these items are financed through regional and European funds in the framework of the PAIDI 2014-2020.

This call for 2.2 million is included in the package of new subsidies, a section in which the program aimed at the hiring of 257 young doctors with a budget of 32 million. To this line is added the program of transfer actions for the promotion of the International Campus of Excellence (CEI) in the areas of strategy specialization RIS3, to which six million euros have been dedicated in 2019 in a first stage, which will be completed in the first half of 2020 with another six million corresponding to the second phase of development of said initiative.

Along with these calls, the Andalusian Executive has also called in 2019 aid amounting to 14 million for the acquisition and improvement of R&D infrastructure and equipment aimed at universities and public research entities. Likewise, the Ministry of Economy has allocated in 2019 funds worth 2.3 million to the postdoctoral training of research personnel who has recently obtained a doctorate. To these actions to support scientific activity is added the budget of 12.8 million euros for the recruitment of some 250 young researchers and technical personnel in Andalusian public universities over a period of two years. This measure linked to the European Social Fund will be completed in 2020 with a new allocation of 31.7 million for the same objectives.

In a short period of time, another incentive program budgeted in 45 million to carry out research excellence projects for universities and public entities. This provision represents an increase of 30% compared to the amount with which the previous order was entered.

Regarding the previous calls, the Ministry of Economy It has managed to close in less than a year those calls for legacy subsidies that remained open and pending resolution, which has allowed the release of 84.6 million for the scientific community, an amount with great impact to guarantee the continuity of the groups’ activity. of research that carry out their work in Andalusia. The latest subsidies resolved, provisionally, total 35 million for R&D projects of universities and public research entities.

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