The BMW 2 Series 2022 just around the corner, for now, with up to 374 hp (+50 photos)

BMW continues to mercilessly whip our feelings with different ups and downs when it comes to the new BMW 2 Series. The Bavarian firm has made sure that several spy photos of the new generation of its sports car reach us, but with the culmination of its development at the boiling point We can already enjoy the first official images of the BMW 2 Series 2022, although yes, still with camouflage.

The German house has long sought to finalize the details of the expected new Series 2, a generation that arrives with the arduous task of replacing the current delivery that has enjoyed resounding success. To secure gold with your new sports car, BMW has had to bet on important novelties that will be shelled little by little.

What do we know about the new BMW 2 Series 2022?

The Series 2 G87 will be established on the market almost imminentlyBut BMW has made sure to keep the intrigue on the surface. The design continues to be a pillar on fire since the brand has not wanted to show a single iota about it despite the fact that style canons inherited directly from its range brothers are expected, although not without many fearing for the presence of the new ones. kidneys on the German coupe.

What the firm has talked about is its set-up and its mechanics, crucial sections in a car championed with that pure and tough sportiness that is being lost from the hand of numerous vehicles welcomed in this segment. To keep it – and improve it – in the new Series 2, BMW has opted for a fundamental recipe: longitudinal engine and rear wheel drive, although an option there will also be a total traction system.

Dynamics improved thanks to a 12% increase in torsional stiffness compared to the previous model, as well as a lifting effect on the lower front axle by 50% courtesy of a specific front splitter, partially faired underbody or aerodynamic curtains on the wheel arches. The address has also been calibrated to make it more precise and communicative, and as an option it may be of variable weight.

Bmw 2 Series 2022 7

Another very interesting extra for lovers of sensations will be the adaptive M chassis, which provides dampers of variable hardness. Nevertheless, The high point of the new BMW 2 Series falls on the M240i variant, spearhead at the expense of the expected BMW M2..

Behind this surname sits a twin turbo inline six-cylinder engine ready to develop 374 hp of power. This figure is managed by means of an 8-speed Steptronic Sport automatic transmission and an xDrive all-wheel drive system that, although it does not allow all the power to be sent to the rear axle, it does give priority to it.

Bmw 2 Series 2022 49

Of course, an essential seasoning has been added to the formula: a fully lockable electronic M sport differential. With this consortium of elements, BMW wants to show that the new 2022 2 Series will not only be more technological and advanced, but also sportier.

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