The gap between alternative dollars and the wholesaler remains close to 80%. (.) (Mohamed Abd El Ghany /)

He Dolar blue is traded this Thursday with a gain of one peso, at $ 133 for sale and with a gap of 81% with respect to the official wholesaler.

Meanwhile, another alternative quote, that of counted with clearance trading at maximum levels, now close to 131 pesos. The exchange rate implicit in trading with stocks and bonds thus approached the value of the parallel, with a gap of 79% compared to the official one.

The alternative parities to the hard currency trapped returned still at highs, after having hit a floor a week ago, immediately after reaching an agreement with debt creditors under foreign law. The blue came to be operated at 128 pesos, while the cash with liquidated the 119 pesos.

The dollar wholesaler is offered to $ 73.11 this Thursday, with a rise of six cents, to add a price increase of 22.1% in the course of 2020.

He dollar to the public it is operated on $ 100.51 for sale in the average of banks and exchange houses, with the application of the « solidarity » tax of 30 percent.

The Central Bank has sold about USD 500 million in August to keep the official exchange rate stabilized

In the last six exchange rounds, implicit exchange rates rose, “registering new maximum values ​​in a context of uncertainty, due to the awaiting news regarding the debt negotiations with the IMF and the definitive closing of the sovereign debt restructuring agreement ”, they specified from Research for Traders.

The Bookings International ended Wednesday with a decrease of USD 50 million, in 43,253 millions of dollars.

In just five business days in August (those counted so far), The Central has sold USD 477 million. It is the worst start of a month so far this year and it marks the pressure on reserves.

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