The Blue Angels, famous and loved for making everyone dance, Today he is putting aside the party to mourn the sad death of Martha Avante Barrón, a founding member of the band and mother of the Avante brothers.

“With great sadness we inform you that on March 30, Mrs. Martha Avante Barrón passed away”, they wrote in the publication of the news. “Mrs. Martha was the mother of 8 children and the founder of Los Ángeles Azules. His tireless effort to seek the significance of his family will always be recognized. “

The most iconic group in Mexico City did not disclose more details regarding the death of Martha Avante Barrón. But yes, the social networks of the band were flooded with messages of support, solidarity and admiration for Martha. And it is not every day, a mother founds with her children one of the most iconic bands that the country has seen in its history. Currently, Los Ángeles Azules is made up of brothers Elías, Jorge, Alfredo, José Hilario, Cristina and Guadalupe, and over the years members of their families who share a love of music have joined it.

His story

Originally from Iztapalapa, one of the poorest communities in the city, the Mejía Avante family did not always have a privileged place in the colony. Their very financial need led them to tocas at weddings, baptisms, birthdays and fifteen years because “at least there they were given free food.” That was how eventually, and after the push of their mother, they formed in 1979 Playa Azul, the first name of the band.

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With influences from Colombian rhythms, group sounds and a fusion of regional music, Los Angeles Azules found a world cumbia. It was not until 1982 that they started their productions professionally with Ritmo, Alegría y Sabor!

In 1994, and with eight discs on their shoulders, the record company produced the first album that sold more than a million copies, got four gold records, a Golden Palm, a Golden Clover and many more. Some of the most emblematic songs of Delivery of Love are “Acércate A Mi” and “Piénsalo Bien”. A couple of years ago they released the mythical “Como Te Voy A Olvidar” on their album Unforgettable to get dozens of other awards, international recognition and thus become the band that we all know and love.