The blouse was left over! Lizbeth Rodríguez is recorded as a schoolgirl

The blouse was left over !, Lizbeth Rodríguez is recorded as a schoolgirl | Instagram

Like a schoolgirl! That was the look that Lizbeth Rodríguez chose to once again delight her followers on social networks. The ex badabun girl She chose a flirty, rather short pleated skirt for her outfit, dark color with a white stripe and complemented her peculiar outfit with just one garment, the blouse was left over!

Ex girl from Exposing Infidels He surprised his followers on Tiktok by recording himself singing the song La Loba, by Shakira and with some movements that raised the tone of the video, where he even plays a lot with his legs opening and closing.

But definitely, what stole the glances of the interbauts were their most famous charms, because Lizbeth Rodriguez He considered that on this occasion, the blouse was unnecessary and only a red garment covered the most essential.

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In the aforementioned video, Esteban VillaGómez’s couple was shown playing with his loose hair; However, she gave her followers more with a second video that she shared on Instagram in which she dances in this attractive costume, setting the imagination of her followers flying.

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In the recording found on Lizbeth Rodríguez’s official Instagram account, she can be seen dancing with marked steps next to a man who ends up lowering his pants, while she throws bills.

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The publication was made 16 hours ago and has exceeded 60 thousand reproductions, Internet users had a common theme in the comment box and it was not exactly the charms of the host of Infieles.

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The comments on the video refer to something in particular, Lizbeth’s language, since Internet users assure that she takes it out in all her videos since she thinks it looks better and indicates that she should see the comments and stop doing it because they consider it something unpleasant.

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