The Barcelona season is far from expected, both in football and in performance and one of the main symptoms is seen in the numbers of Leo Messi. The Argentine is next to Ter Stegen the only one that is saved this course, but he is setting very low figures, compared to what he has seen throughout his career. It gives the feeling that The sports crisis that the Barça players are going through is taking its toll on its star, also immersed in a more than convulsive situation.

Messi is still decisive, but his contribution is far from what he should. Accustomed to the team working for him, the drop in performance of all his teammates has forced him to stay away from the goal. Messi He has dropped to positions where he is not used to playing to get the ball out and, logically, his scoring ability has been reduced.

The Argentine is still decisive, but does not make as much difference as in past years. His records have clearly surpassed 30 league goals in recent years, except in rare situations such as the 15-16 season (26) and the 13-14 season (28). This course will once again be Pichichi of the championship, but with two days to go, He has 22 goals, his worst numbers since before the arrival of Guardiola to the Barcelona team.

In addition, this season the culés can go blank. In the league they depend on Real Madrid, who must play in two of the three games they have left, and they must win everything else. In the Champions League, they must overcome the tie against Naples and then presumably face Bayern, Real Madrid, City or Juventus to reach the final in Lisbon.

Its continuity, in the air

The situation that Barcelona is going through institutionally and economically is not the best either. Something that, together with the sporting failure to which the season aims, puts at risk the continuity of Leo Messi in the club. The star has a contract with the culé team until 2021 and has decided to stop its renovation.

The Argentine would have doubts about staying in the club and expanding his relationship. Relations with the board are not good, due to the constant scandals carried out by Bartomeu and his Board. The one that caused the most fracture between the squad -with Messi at the front- and the cupola was the Ça Barçagate ’, in which a company was paid from the club to start a smear campaign through members of the club against members related to the club such as Guardiola or the player himself.

Another of the triggers was the dismissal of Valverde. The staff did not approve of the ‘Txingurri’ and the arrival of Quique Setién and, above all, Éder Sarabia has not finished well in the dressing room. The disrespect of the Ballon d’Or towards his coach and his assistant have been a constant, as has been seen on several occasions in recent meetings.

Also, the signing of Griezmann has not been accepted either in the best way by the Blaugrana captain, although it seems that in recent meetings they have begun to understand each other better. Messi has not fitted well the arrival of a new star to the team that different Neymar and his lack of harmony has been reflected on the grass.