The Bilbao metro publishes this tweet and unleashes the joke on the networks: it’s easy to see

The tweet from the Bilbao metro that unleashes the joke. (Photo: Twitter (Bilbao Metro))

The Bilbao metro published this Monday on its Twitter account a message with all the good intentions, but that has played a trick on him and has made him one of the protagonists of the last hours.

From the official account of the underground they wanted to inform travelers who take the subway that they were continuing with the cleaning and disinfection work against the “high intensity” coronavirus.

To prove it, they attached the video of a worker disinfecting the escalators of a station. “Your safe trip”, they even went so far as to say.

In the 45-second video, he gets on an escalator uphill and begins to pour the product on the railing to clean it.

However, the subway worker is not disinfecting the entire railing, but has only left, clean as a whistle, the same piece that has accompanied him during his trip on the escalators.

Many have noticed and have started to joke about the disinfection that the Bilbao metro has done.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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