The biggest challenge of ‘Elite’ in its fourth season: “Finding the balance between new characters and veterans”

It had been a long time since Netflix turned so much to a title as with the fourth season of ‘Elite’. But in this new batch of chapters a lot is at stake. It’s the most different season since the mysteries began at the elite Las Encinas school, with many new characters on the outside and a few new characters on the inside. In the presentation of the season to the media, in which Miguel Bernardeau – who is filming in Berlin – and Omar Ayuso – who had an unforeseen event – were the great absences, Carlos Montero, who has remained as a solo “showrunner” after the departure of Darío Madrona, also assured: “I think it is one of the best seasons.” But it was not without its challenges. And we are not even talking about having to shoot the season (and the fifth, which was shot at the same time) in the middle of the pandemic.

“The biggest challenge: finding the balance between the new characters and the veterans. We needed the new characters to enter with great force but of course not to engulf the old ones, and vice versa, that the old ones did not overshadow the new ones. It was difficult for us to find that balance but I think we have achieved it. We have a fantastic casting with the new ones. They had it very difficult because they arrived with very consolidated actors. However, from the first chapter you fall in love with them. I always say that all the Twitter people who are hating us because we have killed or because we have thrown out other characters, that we have not thrown them out, they have left, I think that two days later they will feel terrible because they leave to fall in love with both the new ones … “Montero said at the press conference.

The new students are Ari (Carla Díaz), Patrick (Manu Ríos) and Mencía (Martina Cariddi), children of the new director, played by Diego Martín, and Phillippe, the prince of a European monarchy who is played by Pol Granch. Manu Ríos, about his incorporation to a series with such success as ‘Elite’, commented: “We are entering a project with a lot of global projection and many followers. At first I lived it with a lot of nerves, a little worried about being up to the ribbon that the series already had. Once we were inside, it was a great pleasure to come in with colleagues like this, with such good vibes, living the same experience, the same nerves, the same desire …“. Martina Cariddi said:” For me it was the first time that I faced such a big project as an actress. Much vertigo, but it has been a challenge overcome. I have had a great time, I have met wonderful people and I will take it for life, and what remains! “. Carla Díaz was somewhat more positive:” I really wanted to enter the series. We have gotten along very well with everyone. It has been very beautiful, the character I am enjoying it a lot “, although he also admitted that the vertigo was there, but also the” adrenaline “. And Pol Granch believes that he still” has not assimilated it “and added:” I am super grateful, from They welcomed me very well in the beginning, which is extremely important to me because I am a bit scattered.

If there is an advantage that Ríos, Cariddi and Díaz have had in the series, it is that they have not had to face this alone. “I find it nice to enter with my sisters, with my father … He is not a character that enters on his own, he shares a background that we have, which is not counted in this season but is there when creating the character, and that seems very nice to me. I was also excited to share the plot with Omar and Ander. As a follower of the series, I really liked the plot they had and the relationship, so it is cool to be part of this in some way “said Manu Ríos, whose plot will be mainly linked to the characters of Arón Piper and Omar Ayuso. “What amused me the most is that they already have a name for the three of them … Omandrick!” said Piper, who stressed that they connected with Ríos “from minute one”. For those who are thinking that the OTP par excellence of the series is in serious danger, both Piper and Ríos pointed out that Patrick does not come “with the intention of breaking anything or getting in the middle of anything. Patrick is like that, capricious but without evil. I think the trio will be well received “.


Who also comes with the desire for war is Mencía, who will get very close to one of the fan favorites: Rebeka (with k). Claudia Salas, who advanced that the season would have “a lot of love, a lot of heartbreak, a lot of plot and a lot of wool”, was delighted to explore the attraction and the wounds left by heartbreak no matter who was on the other side: “Both me and Martina and As the team in general, we always consider it from the point of telling it not as the event that involves being with someone of the same sex, but rather that the main conflict was ‘I have suffered before and I do not want to suffer again for love’, it gives me Whether it is a woman or a boy. We wanted to tell it from the most natural part of meeting someone, no matter what sex it is, and I think that it is necessary and very successful to tell it from there because it is how it should be. In the end the doubts are shared: when you come from a wound or something that is not completely healed and a person appears who makes you shake all the foundations that you thought were firmly attached to the ground, you have no choice but to remove those layers that you have built p or fear, for insecurity, for suffering again and letting yourself go “. Mencía, who shares that armor with Rebeka “which is a lie”, has another plot, which they did not want to reveal yet, which Martina Cariddi admitted that it gave her some “fear” because of “how she was going to face it, how she was going to understand and how people were going to react. ” There Carlos Montero took the opportunity to emphasize that “They have been very brave because all their characters are very difficult and they looked into the abyss. They go through very complicated moments and you could only go through one way, and that was by daring. And they have dared, and to the end. And that as a creator I have appreciated it, and the series has also thanked itHe also sighed in relief: “Good thing they don’t look like their characters!”

If Mencía has a gruesome plot, Prince Phillippe is not far behind: “It was quite a heart attack because there are things the character does that are quite gruesome and murky, which does not mean they have to be shown, they have to be visible and they have to teach themselves that they are there, that they exist “, explained Pol Granch. His character will find in Cayetana his greatest support. This is how Georgina Amorós spoke of her character’s new life: “She is going to have a quite toxic relationship with Phillippe’s character, but she will also have very beautiful moments. Yes, she is in a different place than the other seasons. With the death of Polo she buries a part of her that she completely rejected before and starts this season trying to accept herself and working at school as a cleaner, which is an exercise in dignity, but she is also beginning to get along with the ancients. Rebeka is very supportive, as you will see. in the ‘Short Stories’ “. Pol Granch added: “Most of the relationship is a very real relationship. I believe that the term trust is very important in any relationship and I believe that my character, as he has always been surrounded by a golden bubble, does not know how to take no for an answer. He arrives at this school with a shield like that of a prince, of distrust, and I think that Cayetana is the only person who shows him that little hole of trust and welcome“. Granch wanted to make the most of this experience, even daring to give his character a French accent:” It makes me very funny and from the beginning it’s something I wanted to get into and I wanted to try and see how it sounded. And there we are, seeing how French sounds. “


And we are left with Samuel, who is finally “going to take off the dramatic backpack that he carried until now” and is ready to move on with his life … with someone new. With the departure of Ester Expósito, a free space remains in the heart of the character of Itzan Escamilla. “With Ari he finds a new love that I think will interest the public.” We’ll see, because if Omander have fans, Carmuel won’t even tell you. Carla Díaz really wants to introduce her character: “I have grown very fond of the character and I have enjoyed the plots a lot, with all the problems she has … The way she manages emotions so badly makes me very Grace”.

As of June 18 we will be able to discover all these new plots with the fourth season of ‘Elite’ on Netflix. Although it was a filming marked by PCR and masks, they have done everything possible to create an atmosphere of good vibes and great family because, as Itzan Escamilla said, “everything shows on screen.” The actor claimed to have missed the meetings after the shoot where “there is a lot of relationship” but believes that everyone knew how to adapt to the circumstances: “We had to do our part to create complicity in the gaps we had”. One of the things they did to make up for the lack of closeness on set a bit was to create their own proximity bubble in a country house during rehearsals. Georgina Amorós recalled an activity that Aron Piper prepared and that everyone liked very much: “It was not hazing, it was the opposite of hazing. It was a super welcome. We were in rehearsals and there was a lawn. Aron, as part of an exercise of his character, he made us go out onto the grass, lie in a circle, stretch out on the grass and he was guiding as if it were a meditation. Then he was giving us a kiss on the forehead to each one and he was saying things to us … very nice, really “.


The new stage of ‘Elite’ begins with this fourth season, but Carlos Montero continues to want many more seasons, and continues to put the 17 seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as an example: “What about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ I say it a lot to see if it does so on Netflix … (laughs) I want to make the season while we all create the season “. Few series of adolescents are so ambitious, but its creator is convinced that ‘Elite’ has qualities that make it much more sincere and attractive than the rest: “If you write honestly, you end up writing about your obsessions and my obsessions are those of a gentleman 49 years old even if he writes for teenagers.There is a bit of balance: you are doing a series for them but also for everyone. Teen series for a long time bore me but ‘Elite’ not because it is written from somewhere else. I think that’s why it hooks young people, because you are not treating them like fools, and it hooks adults because they can feel identified with many of the problems. In the end, the ‘Elite’ adolescents are privileged adolescents who have come to life with many things already done: they have access to culture, the media … In that sense they are much more adults than a 15-year-old boy. the street”.

How the ‘Short Stories’ came about

For now, as we have already said, the fifth season is confirmed and shot. And in addition, the Las Encinas universe will begin to grow from June 14 with the premiere of ‘Short Stories’, a spin-off to close plots that, due to the mystery of the third season, did not have time to close: “Darío and I really wanted to close some stories and we believed that this could be told in a summer. By not being subject to the mystery plot, it gave us the possibility of telling them in a much more intimate way., more than two by two. We are super proud of how it turned out, I think people are going to love it. I also think that what is going to happen is not expected because it will be very important. Before someone asked me if it is necessary to see the short stories to see the season and no, it is not necessary but I think that when everyone starts to see them they will comment on them with their friends and everyone will go see them “.

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