the biggest announcements for Switch

With several Nintendo Direct Mini involved, it had been almost over a year since we had seen one of these presentations of games and news from Nintendo, but luckily the wait was worth it. And it is that the Nintendo Direct held yesterday focused mainly on getting ahead of ourselves a fair amount of new games and updates for the Nintendo Switch that will arrive at the hybrid console during this first half of 2021, and even some announcements for later.

Far from the mini format, yesterday’s presentation lasted for almost a full hour, occupied mainly by the trailers and videos of the games, without incurring too much in the already classic messages from the developers and the company’s team. So, on this occasion we have preferred to choose to summarize with what we think have been the most relevant ads:

Splatoon 3

One of the most notable announcements came from the third installment of the franchise of this competitive shooter for all audiences, with the future arrival of Splatoon 3 for next 2022. Although unfortunately, although we have a great advance of up to three minutes instead of the classic teasers, not much is yet known about what new gameplay will include, beyond what looks like a new location in the desert. With such a long release date, we will most likely see new details about this title again in future Nintendo presentations.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Another strong announcement of this Nintendo Direct, and one of my personal favorites, surprised us with the long-awaited return and relaunch of the once-exclusive improved version of Wii U. Being one of the titles that got the most out of both controllers. Wii and Wii U, the company has already assured that we will have an even greater optimization for Switch. Finally, for fans of the franchise, along with the game, although sold independently, a new pair of Joy-Cons with a The Legend of Zelda theme will also be released.

Mario Golf Super Rush

Continuing within the Nintendo classics, the big N also surprised with the announcement of the first Mario Golf title presented for its current console, and that of course, will make use of the joy-con movement controls, including new modes of game, and even a story campaign.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Still one of the best-selling Switch games, the current installment of Animal Crossing will soon see the arrival of new items and furniture with the theme of the Super Mario universe, which will be available through the Nook Shop from March 1. On the other hand, Nintendo has also confirmed that another free update will arrive before this one, dated for February 25, although it has not advanced details about its content.

Smash Bros. Ultimate

What seemed to be the announcement of a new installment of this J-RPG soon became one of the best-received surprises of this Nintendo Direct, fulfilling one of the most demanded requests from players with the inclusion of Pyra and Mythra as the fourth DLC character available in the second Fighters Pass scheduled for the month of March. And it is that both will share space the same character capable of transforming, in the same way as Zelda and Sheik.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The recently released hack and slash of the Zelda universe will receive a new expansion pass that will include two “waves” of content, dated for June and November, which will bring new weapons and appearances for the characters, as well as new challenges, and even new playable characters.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

After its enormous success on other platforms, this Battle Royale-style game of humor, competition and platforms will finally receive its port for Nintendo Switch. Although a specific release date has not been announced at the moment, the game is expected to arrive on the portable console this summer.

Monster Hunter Rise

Already anticipated on numerous occasions, in this Nintendo Direct we have been able to see a new trailer more focused on the new details of the story and the monsters that we can find in this new installment. In addition, the company is also preparing the arrival of a Nintendo Switch and a Switch Pro controller specially decorated under the Monster Hunter theme, which will be available on the same launch day of this game.

Star wars hunters

Zynga, the studio best known for developing games like FarmVille and Words with Friends, has given a complete twist to its line to bring us a new installment of shooter from the hand of Star Wars, with a game centered around Squadrons that will be developed between the events from the movies Star Wars Episode VI and Episode VII.


One of the most popular games of 2020, awarded even during the last Game Awards, will receive a release in physical format for the Nintendo Switch on March 19, which in addition to the cartridge, will include a book with the art of the game and a code of download with the full soundtrack.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

Another great surprise of this Nintendo Direct was that of Koei Tecmo, and the return of one of his great classics in the form of a collection, in a package that will include the deliveries of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge , along with all the downloadable content released to date.

Knockout City

Presented by EA, the latest project from Velan Studios, a developer who worked on the mixed reality racer Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, we find this curious cooperative and competitive game that will reinvent the classic dodgeball.

No more heroes

Travis, our less heroic hero, returns to present the third installment of the original saga of this hack and slash loaded with minigames, which will arrive at the end of August exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Project Triangle Strategy

Closing our summary of this Nintedo Direct we could not leave out this promising installment from Square Enix, which promises us a title under artistic design similar to Octopath Traveler, and what aims to be a new reinvention of the classic RPGs, this time focused on your turn-based strategy titles. Unfortunately, not much is known about the game yet, with a release date that will delay it until 2022. Although for the most impatient, we can already find a small demo available in the eShop.