The big surprise of Windows 11 is not its design, it is the arrival of Android applications to its store

Windows 11 wants to arrive by the big door, to take over from Windows 10 and be the alternative of reference by Microsoft at the operating system level. In addition to coming with a great change in design, one of the great surprises of the event has been the announcement of the arrival of Android apps on Windows.

Google operating system applications will be integrated into both Microsoft Store and Windows 11 itself, running in an adapted vertical interface or in full screen.

Android apps, built into Windows 11

Android Collection 1024x683

Microsoft has announced the integration of Android applications in the Microsoft app store, as well as in the operating system itself. We can search for these apps such as TikTok, games developed for Android and others within the Microsoft Store itself.

Downloading Android apps in Windows 11 comes from the Amazon Store. The Microsoft Store itself will provide us with links to the Amazon Store to download them

This download of Android apps is achieved by the implementation of the Amazon Store in Microsoft Store. In other words, to search for an Android app, we open the Amazon Store and, from it, we can access a link in the Amazon Store that takes us to the Android apps (so, a priori, there may be limitations to integrating the Amazon app store, and not Google’s). Microsoft has not yet given details about the execution of the apps, so it is not known whether or not it does it through emulation.

“Starting later this year, people will be able to discover Android apps in the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon Appstore – imagine recording and posting a TikTok video right from your PC.”

What they have detailed is the system-level integration of these Android apps. They will run, like any other program, in windows, being able to work simultaneously with other programs of the operating system. Also, these apps can be pinned to the taskbar since, for practical purposes, they are still system programs.

Tg Image 2747654596Tg Image 2747654596 TikTok for Android running alongside the Windows 11 gallery.

On paper, there will be no limitations with these apps, since they will run with a mobile interface within Windows 11. This means that, a priori, there will be no problems to publish a video on a social network (as long as we have the necessary hardware) and that, at the level of functions, they should be the same ones that we find in Android.

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