The big one was put together! They say that Chiquis Rivera has a new boyfriend. She and Lorenzo post strong hints

Divorce from Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and Lorenzo Mendez It has been very popular lately. If it is not for an interview that one gives, the other gives it, but rumors are always generated about anything that many times, out of respect for the couple they were, they prefer not to clarify. However, everything has its limits and the singer and winner of the Grammy Award he exceeded his patience and exploded. But what caused this annoyance in her?

An image recently went viral where he appears in the front of a vehicle as a copilot and next to him, as a driver, a gentleman who they say is called Emilio Sanchez and that he is the photographer of several stars of the show among them, the also singer and personal friend of Chiquis, Becky G.

At the time, Lorenzo Mendez reacted and published a message on his social networks that implied, if this message was addressed to his sentimental ex-partner, that the gentleman who accompanied the daughter of the deceased singer Jenni Rivera is or was your friend.

Later, Chiquis Rivera, no hairs on the tongue, in a very forceful and frontal way, posted a message stating that people should meddle in their own affairs and not hers. The artist’s post could be taken as a response to her ex-husband or perhaps the person who has viralized the photo.

The truth is that nothing is very clear. It is not known if Chiquis actually started a romantic relationship or if outright, those publications of her and Lawrence they were referring to that particular situation or some other that has nothing to do with the separate new life that they started a few months ago. We will have to wait for some of those involved to comment on it.