Kissing booth: The big mistake in a scene that nobody noticed when watching the movie | .

Some fans noticed a curious mistake in an important scene.

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It could be said that “El Stand de los besos” has become a classic on the streaming platform, its first installment was released in May 2018 and was more successful than expected.

Which is why Netflix decided to extend the teenage drama and make a second film in the history of the British Beth Reekles and the latter was released a little over a month ago, and as expected it generated a lot of excitement around what happened.

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The fever for the love story that Elle had with Noah and in turn, with Marco was truly very strong for the viewers, who were speechless with the surprising ending, and, although the film was highly acclaimed by critics, in terms of As for the production and editing team, they did not do their job perfectly.

It all happened after fans warned through their social networks that there was an error during a scene in which Elle and Marco have a deep talk about life.

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It was at the moment that they both got on the wheel of fortune, while talking about Elle’s emotional problems, and clearly at no time could Marco’s guitar be observed, however, curiously, in the later scene when they chatted sitting down At the beach, Marco suddenly appears his guitar after finishing advising the girl.

Clearly at the time, and perhaps because of the excitement of the premiere, no one noticed this, but fans who have seen the film on several occasions noticed that there was something strange about the scene and decided to pay more and more attention to it until they managed to discover such a detail. .

It was then that users on social networks, both Twitter and Facebook, shared the scene with their friends and followers so that they could notice the aforementioned details, thus concluding that it was an error either in the editing or in the filming of the movie.