The Biden era begins – Diary16

US President Joe Biden, has just taken office as 46 President of the United States.

Excited, the new president, the second Catholic after Kennedy, has intervened to clarify that “This is the day of the United States, this is the day of Democracy.”

He assures that it is not the triumph of a candidate, but of the cause of Democracy. “The wish of the people has been heard and it has been fulfilled.”

Biden insists that “Democracy has won” and he recalled that the violence tried to break the foundations of the Capitol, “but we unite.”

For the new US president, “we unite as a nation against violence.” In his view, “there is much to gain and much to heal.”

He has also advocated for Unit, for democracy and has had words for former President Carter, who for health reasons has not been able to attend the inauguration ceremony.

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