the best works we recommend this week

One element that makes marketing books extremely valuable is the opportunity to work on the basis of case studies.

There are important references today to make books works that have no waste.

Books are today the best support they have to fully explain your resources as a marketer.

Whether you need better tactics or resources to help you understand your work, the books we recommend this week have become the best works to help you understand the market to the fullest extent.

Become an investor

Becoming an investor is a mandatory task for many professionals who seek to stop putting their entire lives in a single income, that is why with the guide of a book you can achieve it, as proposed by Omar – Financial Education in From Zero to Investor: Master the money game


The author has a series of chapters in which he teaches you to learn how to save, pay off your debts, understand inflation. Knowing how to operate around financial goals and mastering the instruments that help you achieve it.

Get followers on Twitter

Cathy Turney prepared on Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers – Easily, Quickly, Ethically: Step-By-Step: You Can Do It!

is a work where the author reveals the three secrets to be able to narrate data within Twitter, a program of 5 to 10 minutes, with which you can grow your follower base daily, so you will have an ethical book that will guide you in the construction of audiences.

Given this scenario, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the ability to have a plan to build audiences on social networks and thereby achieve progress in your work.

That said, a key guideline in this work is the one that has to do with the way you manage to communicate your personal brand.

A fundamental element in this effort is the one that has to do with the way in which brands are interacting today and that they have made social media marketing a discipline with great potential in the market, considering the value of social networks. and most importantly, digital media.

Master Facebook Ads

In order to innovate in the market, an element that we cannot lose sight of in the domain of Facebook Ads is to have works such as Learn facebook ads step by step: Everything you need to know to start Facebook Ads from scratch and attract customers and leads (Spanish Edition)

, where Rosa Moreno It teaches you what are the methods of buying Facebook ads, the structure of Facebook campaigns, the advertising objectives that each of these campaigns follow and the best way to calculate the investment required per campaign.

The communication capacity that social networks have consolidates these platforms as a benchmark in the market and not only that, as a guideline that is necessary to understand in order to consolidate better strategies, especially thinking about these based on the interest of the audiences, at the moment of having to interact with a consumer and more than that, at the moment of having to make decisions based on tactics such as digital branding or electronic commerce that we find in these media.

The book for you to manage your resources

To get the most out of your money, Agustín Rosa Marín has written Game of Money: How to live fully and attract money into your life

, where people will find the knowledge that will help them exploit their personal finances, create a better habit of saving as well as financial planning and being able to aspire to a full life, where both spiritual and financial abundance is generated.

The important thing about this book is that it explains in a simple way topics such as changing your mind, how to prepare an emergency fund and how to deal with despair.

Become a leader

In A Giant Is Born: From A Caveman Entrepreneur

Jorge Olson makes a curious analogy between entrepreneurship and the caveman era, so it ensures that there is a wide universe of knowledge that will help you discard the culture of employment and go against the concepts that prevent you from undertaking.

The work teaches you to work less and earn more, to multiply your opportunities as an entrepreneur and to understand the DNA of business, especially because it helps you to learn and have this new concept that has been formed around entrepreneurs, which from big goals the results are just as amazing.

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