TikTok is having a great boom during confinement due to the possibility of making simple videos, at home and in a few minutes. In this sense, although in general terms it is a very easy service to use, getting the most out of it and putting creativity on the table is somewhat more complicated. However, in addition to creating content, the company also wants you to have access to that of the creators to make your quarantine more enjoyable, enjoy the content of others and put yours into practice.

#EnDirectoTikTok, which is the name of this new option of the company, aims, through direct with some content creators, offer tips to keep fit, make super fluffy pancakes or the best freestyle soccer tricks, etc. Content that users can put into practice later and take advantage of confinement to learn something new.

In this sense, and as with TikTok Edu, the campaign with educational content, these special live shows will take place from Thursday, April 2 to Wednesday, 8 at times that start at 20:00 on weekdays and 16:00 during the weekend.

Of all the outstanding creators, the company points out that there will be special content from some very successful ones, such as @bravasbarcelona, ​​contents of freestyle soccer tricks by @palomafreestyle, tips to keep fit from home with @whoismrmike, keys to do the fluffier pancakes with @inmyvegankitchen, or tutorials on how to create “makeup videos with @annersite, among others.

The direct will be available on the creators page but can be discovered, as usual through #EnDirectoTikTok within the company app.

It is a special campaign, as other services such as YouTube or Instagram are doing with which they seek to entertain waxed users at home through their social networks. Either way, it looks like TikTok is winning enough traction during confinement, despite its recent controversies about the content that the company shows through its apps.

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