For a few months, companies and different platforms have offered us the possibility of playing different video games for free on weekends, being able to access generous offers in case the title in question is to our liking. A proposal that due to confinement has improved even more if possible, guaranteeing authentic games for several days.

One more weekend, both in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and other platforms such as mobile devices return to offer us interesting games to enjoy for free for a limited time. While it is true that we have several days ahead to enjoy them, the game card presented advocates for various genres, including titles both focused on singleplayer and multiplayer.


DayZ | Bohemia Interactive

Day Z is one of the most popular games in the zombie genre scene. Without going any further, he was the forerunner when it comes to pure and simple multiplayer survival. During the weekend we can try it completely free on PC until May 25. A tough adventure not suitable for all audiences due to its difficulty, but which in company can be one of the most rewarding for lovers of survival games.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI | Firaxis Games

A few hours ago Epic Games Store launched its new free game. Civilization VI, a title of praised strategy around the world for its simple but addictive proposal, this time betting on turns. One of the great advantages of Civilization VI over other games in the genre is its difficulty, as it scales perfectly for the novice in this title game.

Crackdown 1 and 2

Crackdown | Microsoft

The first two installments of Crackdown are available completely free to Xbox One users. Action-packed and open-world games that we were once able to enjoy on Xbox 360 and now we can enjoy on the current platform of Microsoft thanks to backward compatibility, with the occasional visual improvement.

The witcher

The Witcher | CD Projekt RED

GOG celebrates The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 5th Anniversary by giving away the first White Wolf adventure. Through the store we can acquire this video game just by subscribing to the Gwent newsletter, the card game based on the well-known saga. While its gameplay may seem a bit rough in modern times, we are facing one of the jewels of the RPG for its plot and characters.