The best tricks of the week for iPhone

Second weekend of cheats for iPhone. Last week we started this new section with 5 weekly tricks for all types of iPhone users, every Sunday we bring you a collection of new tips and tricks for advanced users and beginners.

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The truth is that in iOS 14 we have many new interesting tricks, but every week we are going to publish a new collection with incredible tricks.

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The 5 tricks for iPhone this week

Every 7 days we will bring you a collection of tricks that are really interesting in a lot of situations.

Record a video on your iPhone with a background song

In a world where social networks and stories are so important in our daily lives, you may want to record a video with one of your songs in the background on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, the iPhone camera app pauses the song that is playing when we start to record a video, but there is a trick with which you can bypass this restriction.

This trick works thanks to the QuickTake function, which since iOS 14 is compatible with the vast majority of iPhone. For record the video with your music, follow these steps:

Find and play a song. In your favorite application that allows music to play in the background, find the song you want to play and start playing it. Stop it just before the part you want to play in the video, and turn up the volume.
Open the camera app. Enter the iPhone camera app, but do not enter Video mode, we are in Photo mode.
We use QuickTake. Now we press and hold the shoot button, the video recording will start and if you slide to the right you can block it.
Hit Play. Swipe down on Control Center and press Play to play the music. Swipe up to return to the camera, which will have continued recording the video.
Record with music. Now you just have to record the video with the background music.

QuickTake iPHold down the button and swipe right

Recover deleted photos

In iOS we have a kind of “Recycle Bin” in the Photos app. By default, when you delete a photo it is not deleted until after 30 days, which are what remains in this trash can. This can be really useful when we accidentally delete a photo or video.

To find this place enter the Photos app, tap on Albums, scroll all the way down and go to Deleted. Click on the photo or video you want to recover and click on the Recover button at the bottom right.

Deleted photosIn this folder are the deleted photos

Protect a note with password, Face ID or Touch ID

If you want to protect a note for any reason, from iOS 14 we can protect it with a password, Face ID or Touch ID. You can protect passwords individually, just go to Settings> Notes> Password, turn on the switch and set the password.

Now you just have to enter the note that you want to block with password, Face ID or Touch ID. Up to the right press on the 3 points and then tap on the icon with the padlock to block.

Password notesIt is very easy to protect your notes

Assign custom vibration patterns to your contacts

This is a cool trick for quickly identify who is calling you. You can create a custom vibration for each contact you have saved on your iPhone. Just go into the Contacts app and choose the specific contact.

Enter the contact, click on Edit and then Ringtone. You will see a section called VibrationYou can enter it and select a vibration pattern from those already created, or customize one by creating the vibration pattern yourself.

Contact vibrationCustom vibes are very cool

Prevent apps from knowing your exact location

One of the latest privacy features Apple has introduced. There are some apps that request our location, but not all of them need to know exactly where we are with millimeter precision. Fortunately, we can share with these apps only an approximate location. Follow these steps:

Go into Settings> Privacy> Location. Select the specific app. Disable the button Exact location.

Exact locationIt is not necessary for apps to know our exact location

Hopefully you liked these 5 featured tricks from this week, don’t miss last week’s iPhone tricks and remember to come back in seven days for another 5 tricks for iPhone.