In mid-November, Google officially launched its new streaming video game platform called Stadia. Its objective was not only to revolutionize the video game market, but also to gain a significant place among the main giants in the industry such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

But the truth is that Google has not had anything simple. Promises that have not come, a fairly fair catalog of video games and the continued absence of news and updates has caused many people who initially opted for Stadia, to leave the ship. Now, we cannot deny the lack of benefits of the Google platform and it is without a doubt that Google Stadia is the best option for a specific profile of players: those who want to start in video games and do not want to waste time with settings.

Google Stadia: the video game platform for non-gamers?

When we were able to test Google Stadia we saw it instantly. The potential of the platform was evident – we are not going to call it a console – and it is that, despite the fact that it may weigh some players, streaming is going to be of the future. The truth is that Google Stadia works perfectly with a decent internet connection, without lag or latency of any kind. The problem is that if in November the catalog was quite limited, in April it is practically the same. It is true that Google promised more than 120 games during 2020, but until E3 is held it seems that we are going to see them.

We also gave our opinion in an episode of our podcast, Connecting, in which we concluded that Google had possibly gone ahead with the launch of Stadia. However, an acquaintance told me that he did not agree with our feelings about the Google platform. That he had bought Stadia because even though he liked video games, he didn’t have much time to enjoy them and that Thanks to the Google service, long waits for updates and patches were avoided, as well as renewing hardware when a new generation of consoles came out.

And honestly, his opinion is correct. This opinion coincides with that recently given by an editor in this article in The New York Times, recommending the purchase of Google Stadia for all those users who want to get started in the world of video games. So you have to ask yourself, Is Google Stadia designed for all those “casuals” users?

For only 129 euros we have access to everything you need to enjoy Google Stadia, a much lower price than any current console on the market. It also works on any television and on any computer regardless of its requirements and age. More abundantly, with the arrival of new generation consoles, Google Stadia will continue to work perfectly without having to make any kind of extra outlay. You also have to forget about downloading patches and updates, honestly one of the greatest virtues of streaming video games. Just sit on the couch, start Stadia, and get to play.

The same is confused with Google Stadia. Perhaps you do not want to remove any piece of the cake from the other consoles. The same Stadia only wants that sector of players not “hardcore” they just want to get home after a hard day at work and start playing without waiting an hour for the update patch to be installed. That player who does not care about teraflops, exclusives and other nonsense that are discussed in video game forums. That player who doesn’t know who Cory Barlog, Miyazaki or Kamiya is. That player who sees video games as a simple and mere entertainment. Let’s think about it.

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