As in the smartphone segment, television sets Samsung They are among the most valued by users. Their unique operating system, the quality of their screens, and designs as modern as they are elegant, are some of the reasons to choose them. For this reason, below, we want to review the best 4K televisions from Samsung that you can buy today.

And we specifically focus on this category because we believe it is the basic technology that any home needs. A 4K definition is ideal both for your favorite video games, to follow those gripping series you have up to date, or to enjoy a movie before bed. Even, many products from creators on YouTube and social platforms are also uploaded in this quality. Considering this, we are sure that it is well worth investing in any of these models.

Best Samsung 4K 2020 Smart TVs 2.5

Samsung’s best 4K Smart TVs right now

Samsung Smart TV 4K 43-inch 4K UA43TU7000KXXVSamsung 4K Smart TV 50-inch UA50TU7000KXXVSamsung Smart TV 4K 55-inch 4K UA55TU7000KXXVSamsung Crystal 4K 65-inch UA65TU7000KXXVSamsung Crystal 4K 75-inch UA75TU7000KXXV

As if you have no doubts, we list the best Samsung 4K televisions that you can buy during these times. Of course, in the following lines, you will find detailed information about each of them. This will allow you to know which one best suits your needs.

Samsung 43-inch 4K Smart TV 4K UA43TU7000KXXV

This first television is one of the many novelties that the Korean firm has presented so far in 2020. For this reason, it is a safe bet if you are looking for equipment that will last you several years, and that is compatible with the latest technological systems. .

We are talking about a model with a neat and luxurious appearance, with a solid base that shines on any surface, making it ideal for a living room or living room where many people gather.

Regarding its specifications, it has Crystal Display to optimize the colors of the screen, HDR technology, and the Tizen operating system that has the most important apps installed, such as YouTube or Netflix.

Best Samsung 4K 2020 Smart TVs 2Best Samsung 4K 2020 Smart TVs 2

Samsung 4K Smart TV 50 inch UA50TU7000KXXV

If you prefer a slightly larger panel, perhaps to see it even at a greater distance, this Samsung 4K Smart TV 50 inches UA50TU7000KXXV may be the ideal solution.

With an aspect in which three edges are almost invisible, a 50-inch screen, Crystal Display and HDR technologies, add the Tizen environment with the apps we mentioned before so you don’t miss a thing.

Being another of the great news of Samsung in this 2020, adds the AirPlay 2 function. Thanks to it we can project the screen of Apple devices -iPhone, iPad, MacBook- on our television.

Samsung 55-inch 4K Smart TV 4K UA55TU7000KXXV

We continue to grow in size. In this case to get to the 55-inch 4K Smart TV 4K UA55TU7000KXXV from Samsung, which repeats the frameless format on three of its sides.

With an extremely sharp definition, which respects the original vivacity of the colors, it comes with HDR 10+ and the well-known Crystal Display. But it also adds functions such as the Game Enhancer, which predisposes the panel especially for video game playback, improving user sensations.

Best Samsung 4K 2020 smart TVs 3Best Samsung 4K 2020 smart TVs 3

Samsung Crystal 4K 65-inch UA65TU7000KXXV

In the order of 65 inches, we have this model of 4K Samsung TVs with Crystal Display technology, Tizen operating system and compatibility with the AirPlay 2 application, which makes it friendly with Apple terminals. One of the UHD televisions with the highest demand in the Asian portfolio.

75-inch Samsung Crystal 4K UA75TU7000KXXV

And we end with this alternative, the largest of all those mentioned so far. We will enjoy HDR 10+ technologies with a brightness of up to 4,000 nits, UHD Dimming for the appreciation of each color block on the screen, and Mega Contrast to prevent the reflection of natural light from hindering.

In addition to that, it brings a Crystal Processor 4K processor and a PurColor technology mechanism, which expands the range of colors that we perceive. Thus, the experience is as similar as possible to being in that place.

Finally, it goes without saying that we can open apps like Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc.

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