The best reboots of series, according to the critics

At a time when famous franchises with many different adaptations have been relaunched, we can well do the exercise of seeing which are the best. Because it is true that reboots or remakes don’t always work, and many times it remains halfway to the original productions.

It should be noted that there is no definitive consensus on the terms to refer to productions such as: reboots, remakes and revivals. However, the exercise of recognizing the best reboots makes us remember fantastic series that have made us smile, cry and that managed to mark entire generations.

So let’s review the best reboots according to the critics.

Star trek

The Gene Roddenberry-created series premiered in 1966 and ran for three seasons. Currently the Star Trek canon includes the original series, one animated series, six spinoff series, and eight feature films. In 2009 the franchise was rebooted with the movie Star Treck: The Future Begins. This was followed by Star Treck: Into Darkness and Star Treck: Beyond in 2016. For television, the series has not stopped with different titles, such as Discovery, Short Trecks and Picard.

Battlestar galactica


Although some have reservations that the new Battlestar Galactica is a reboot, the truth is that many others agree that the series reimagined by Ronald D. Moore, inspired by the original 1978 series, is one of the best successes of the series. TV. Since its premiere the production started on the right foot, it had one of the largest budgets in the history of television and much later, in 2004, it was relaunched. First as a two-chapter miniseries that would serve as a pilot for a new series.

Queer eye

Without a doubt, Netflix has taken advantage of the series that have already tried their luck. In some cases, the reboots they have launched have been successful and great. One of them is the series created by David Collins and David Metzler that was relaunched on said streaming platform 15 years after its premiere. And it is that in 2003 this show achieved an unexpected success and managed to broadcast 100 episodes in 5 seasons. In 2018, the “Fab Five” returned to the small screen; so far it has 5 seasons and two specials.

Twin peaks

The series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch that premiered in 1990 was relaunched in 2017 by Showtime. The incomprehensible and surprising production returned to the screens with 18 episodes. For critics, Lynch’s exercise with this series has no equal, and without a doubt it is so.

One Day at a Time


Netflix released a great reboot in 2017, although it is sometimes referred to as a remake. In any case, we point it out because it is a production that shows that it is possible to take the best elements of a series and make it not only modern and relevant, but fun and unforgettable. After 3 seasons, in 2019 Netflix canceled this series developed by Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce. However, the production found a home in Pop and has issued a fourth installment.

The Comeback

This peculiar series created by Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King premiered in 2005 with a single season. It was until 2014 that he returned to the screen. It is a particular case because its format, its history and the way it returned to the screen, everything is capitalized in its episodes and its arcs.


If we put aside the difficulties to delimit a reboot, a remake and a revival, we could point to The X-Files. This series returned to the small screen 15 years later, in 2016. Season 10 and 11 have had their own ups and downs and their most loyal fans as big detractors. But the truth is that this series continues to be a phenomenon in popular culture that has left behind great reference material and many unforgettable characters.

For you, what is the best reboot in the history of television?

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