The best reactions to the arrival of Disney Plus in Mexico

As they say out there: “There is no deadline that is not met, or date that is not reached” and that is how Disney Plus has finally reached the homes of Latin America and Mexico to offer us the best of its catalog. The arrival of the streaming platform to national lands is accompanied by a series of reactions that Internet users have wanted to share through social networks.

Next, the best reactions that are circulating on the network and that do not leave aside the good humor. Although there were those who also expressed their sadness and anger.

“All Mexico for Disney Plus”.

«I am the happiest because Disney Plus has already been released in Mexico; I will not sleep”.

“I will start tomorrow with Disney Plus.”

“Hoping it’s tomorrow to see Disney Plus.”

“When I realize that I can afford Disney Plus.”

“The ones with Netflix, Amazon, HBO and now Disney Plus.”

“I have been waiting for 20 years for Disney Plus to be available.”

“Reason to pay Disney Plus:”.

«From tomorrow I will be locked in my room all day watching Disney Plus».

“Marvel fans to see that in Disney Plus are all Marvel movies to see by Phases or chronological order”.

But not everything is happiness for some …

“My poverty and I seeing everyone very excited because Disney Plus is about to arrive in Latin America.”

“Those of us who cannot hire Disney Plus tomorrow:”.

There was also space to talk about the welcome that Netflix prepared for Disney Plus through social networks.

But there were those who put aside healthy competition:

“Disney doesn’t have it all.”

But there have also been complaints because not all seasons of The Simpsons are available on Disney Plus Mexico.

And to complement the experience of the arrival of Disney Plus in Mexico, you can access the following links for more information:

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