If you want to be aware of the weather forecast in your area, do not hesitate to try these rain alert applications.

Smartphones currently serve a myriad of purposes and possibly one of the most widely used is to check the weather, although the pre-installed mobile weather apps are limited to few functions. However, there are also a variety of applications for set rain and storm alerts and alarms that you can install on your Android phone to get more complete information.

To be aware of any adverse weather, such as a storm, you can always use other apps and install them on your mobile phone, whether it is Android or iOS. With this list of applications you can receive alerts about bad weather, and thus also be able to better organize your weekend plans.

There are a wide variety of bad weather alert apps on Android.

A list in which you will find free weather applications, rain alarm and weather apps to download to your smartphone. Also, some of them are available for both operating systems. These are the best apps to configure rain and storm alerts and alarms.

The best rain alert apps

Rain Alarm

Rain Alarm is a well-known application that stands out for warn of rain and severe weather in a short period of time. To do this, this app uses information from government weather services. Rain Alarm also displays forecasts and radars in real time, and a preview of any stormy weather involving heavy rain, hail or snow.

Rain Alarm

Rain Radar is another rain alarm application that you should try on your Android device, as it shows the isobaric situation of our country in real time. The most interesting thing about this app is that you can set a series of alerts that arrive through notifications to know a weather event that is going to happen in your location, such as rain, snow or hail, among others.


The Google search app includes information about the weather.

The time card of Google is one of the fastest ways to check the weather forecast from a smartphone. In addition, and thanks to your default location, it alerts you of any change in the weather that you should know about. On the other hand, it is also used to consult the forecast for a few days, graphs with temperature, information about the wind or the time of sunrise, among other functions.

RainViewer Alerts and Radars

RainViewer Alerts and radars, another interesting app to receive rain alerts.

RainViewer Alerts and Radars is an application that stands out for carrying out extensive weather monitoring on bad weather, through real-time radars and forecasts. In addition, it also offers alerts that are sent through notifications to know bad weather warnings, like rain.

Other weather alert apps

Storm Radar

Storm Radar, a complete app to see the weather.

Storm Radar is an application with which you can see the weather like never before, since it has a full screen interactive map with 8 hours of past and future radar in high definition, advanced storm cell tracking and severe weather alerts allow you to visualize the weather ahead in your area. You can also check current weather conditions or daily forecasts, as well as receive alerts on your mobile.

Lightning Alarm

Lightning Alarm sends notifications about thunderstorms.

Lightning Alarm is an application for mobile devices that, as its name suggests, alerts you if there is an electrical storm in your area. An app that has accurate lightning detection and is really useful for safe outdoor activities. Lightning Alarm has a map and text with which to see the distance in kilometers of an electrical storm, it even detects 98% of all lightning discharges with an accuracy of between 200 and 500 meters.

Weather Radar

Weather Radar, one of the most complete weather alert apps.

Weather Radar is one of the most complete weather alert apps, as it has radar maps, weather alerts, storm tracker and weather forecasts. It even offers widgets for the home screen and for the notification panel on Android terminals.

RadSat HD Pro

RadSat HD Pro integrates the functions of its base app, but it is really oriented to meteorologists, severe weather buffs and storm chasers. It allows selecting different products for each radar, including COLMAX or CAPPI reflectivity, speed, echo stop (echotops) and vertically integrated liquid (VIL) among other options. In addition, it has images of meteorological and satellite radars that allow us to know at what time of day these rains or storms will arrive in each area and what type of event is expected, whether hail or a strong storm.

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