the best price for your new car

The Kia firm has put its entire range on offer on its website through the Kia Outlet platform, with it you can find the car that you like the most and at the best price without having to leave your home. All this to give the fastest possible exit to the stock accumulated during the months of confinement.

The South Korean firm launches a very interesting offer through its web portal, through which it makes available to its clients In Stock of its entire range, and all with the best price guaranteed. It is designed for those buyers who have backed down when it comes to acquiring a new vehicle after months of confinement.

Its operation is simple, just enter in this link, choose the province where you live and define a price range that goes from 8,000 to 50,500 euros. When the filter is applied, we will get the units in stock that suit our needs.

For example, if we apply a search by province limited to Zaragoza, with a price range between 9,000 and 18,000 euros, we get an offer for a latest generation Kia Ceed in Tech finish with a gasoline engine and manual transmission for a price of 14,694 euros if we finance it with the brand, that is, with a discount of more than 8,500 euros compared to its original value.

Altogether there are units of all the models of the Kia family, including the electric e-Niro and e-Soul, with discounts on some units of more than 10,000 euros. Likewise, there are also offers in the plug-in hybrid range that includes the Niro and Optima, with discounts on the latter model that are around 15,000 euros, up to a unit that exceeds 17,000.


Kia Outlet

Finally, there are also offers for the most special models. There is a Sorento of the outgoing generation with almost 11,000 euros discount, and up to eight Stinger with discounts close to 10,000 euros.

The Kia guarantee ensures that they are unregistered vehicles, immediate availability once the car is purchased and with the turnkey price that the customer will pay, all without the need to go to the dealer, through the website and at the comfort of home.

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