The best portable barbecues for cooking both inside and outside the home

Purchase criteria to choose the best portable barbecue

If you are determined to get one portable barbecue, before you must know their most basic features. In this way, you can buy accordingly according to your needs:

Anti-drip function. When we cook on a grill, it is normal for the fat from the meat to fall on the embers, generating an unpleasant smoke that can distort the taste of food. So that this does not happen, many portable barbecues have an anti-drip system.
Controlled air flow. Another of the biggest problems when cooking with a barbecue is waiting for the embers to cook. For that there are models with controlled air flow, what directs everything to the coal zone so they heat up faster.
Direct or indirect cooking. Barbecues work with a type of direct cooking, which would consist of cooking food exposed to a very high temperature. But not all models offer a indirect cooking, more like roasting in an oven. For it, you need your portable barbecue to have a lid.
Accessories. In addition to the barbecue, to make a good grilled meat you will need a few accessories. Such as brush, spatula, brush, tweezersMake sure your portable barbecue has some of them, so you will save having to buy them separately.
Location. Another detail to take into account is the place where you plan to use your portable barbecue. It can be in the yard or in the Terrace. But also in the inside of the house, since these grills have reduced dimensions that will allow you to do it.

What is a portable barbecue?

A portable barbecue It is a grill like those of a lifetime. The only difference is that it has such small dimensions that it will be very easy to transport from side to side.

They have one rack on which food is placed. The embers would go below, at a safe distance to prevent the food from burning.

These portable barbecues are made in metal or in steel stainless and they have legs or wheels for easy transport.

Portable barbecue vs fixed barbecue

If you are still not clear on the advantage of a barbecue laptopil on a fixed one, here we detail them so that you do not miss anything:

Transportable. The main difference is that portable barbecues are designed to be transported from one place to another. Even outside of our own home. The fixed ones, meanwhile, will not give us this possibility, since their dimensions are too large to be easily moved.
Small size. And is that the small size of portable barbecues not only allows us transport them comfortably; It will also give us the possibility of use it practically anywhere. Inside the house, in the garden, on the terrace … Even in a park or a service area.
Economical. Finally, it should be noted that portable barbecues they will always be cheaper than fixed ones. In addition, we will better optimize the amount of charcoal or firewood that we will use for our barbecue.

Materials of a portable barbecue

Although all portable barbecues They are made for the same purposes, not all use the same materials. Here we explain the most common ones, so you can buy the model that best suits you:

Iron. These barbecues are very economic, withstand very high temperatures and have great resistance. Therefore, it is very common to use them with firewood. On a negative note, are very sensitive to oxidation.
Stainless steel. It is the most common material and also the most expensive. But it makes perfect sense, since they resist rust, are durable and very easy to clean.
Chromed steel. This is a material very similar to stainless steel. It is also resistant and withstands oxidation, but it is not of the same quality as stainless steel.
Aluminum. Aluminum is one of the cheapest materials. Still, it is very versatile and will not rust, but it must be recognized that will not be as strong as steel or iron.

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