One of the funniest and most electrifying adventures you can experience in Pokémon GO is that of delve into the Pokémon Raids that allow you to experience cooperative battles to beat really powerful creatures like Legendary Pokémon. In this way you will not only be able to battle against really strong rivals, but also catch them for your team if luck is with you.

It is for this reason that today we offer you Our advice so you learn what they are the best Pokémon to defeat Suicune, Raikou and Entei and so, add them to your team as soon as possible. It is important to keep in mind that, even if you have equipment with high levels, there are Pokémon that are better at fighting Legendary Dogs than others, so we will try to give you the optimal options so that you have more guarantees of victory.

Below you will find each of the Legendary Dogs separately, to make it easier for you to determine the strategy to follow to defeat and capture Suicune, Raikou and Entei without ending up getting frustrated at its high level of power.

Best Pokémon to defeat Suicune

Suicune is not the large Legendary Water-type Pokémon that we can see in other installments of the franchise, because although it has movements with good STAB, can be defeated with some ease, even though it can reinforce its type with Psychic or Ice type movements.

Suicune movements

The Legendary Water Dog has at your disposal a good arsenal of movements both fast and load, although it is striking that they have not opted to give you any fast movement of Water type, something that puts you at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to using it after you have caught it.

Fast movements

Cargo movements

Bubble ray.
Lightning Ice.

Recommended Pokémon to defeat Suicune

As you know, Suicune is the Legendary Water-type Dog, despite having access to a good part of the Ice-type movements that exist. For this reason, Suicune is weak against attacks of Electric and Plant type, being the most interesting seconds in Pokémon GO. But you have to be careful with your choice, because the chance of using Ice Ray is high, being super effective against the Planta type and their access to Paranormal can affect Plants that also have the Poison type.

Best Electric-type Pokémon

Raikou (Thunderclap + Volt Cruel).
Zapdos (Thunderbolt + Lightning).
Electrivire (Thunderclap + Volt Cruel).
Magnezone (Spark + Cruel Volt).
Luxray (Spark + Cruel Volt).

Best Plant-type Pokémon

Venasaur (Whip Strain + Ferocious Plant).
Sceptile (Fury Cut + Ferocious Plant).
Leafeon (Sharp Blade + Sharp Blade).
Roserade (Sharp Blade + Herb Lasso).
Exeggutor (Seed + Sun Ray).

Best Pokémon to defeat Raikou

Raikou is the Electric-type Legendary Dog, so your concern must be to assemble a good team of Earth-type Pokémon they are the only ones whose attacks they can do double damage. There are also other options that we will see a little below and that you can assess in order to try to defeat Raikou in duo.

Raikou’s movements

In Pokémon GO, Raikou is the Legendary Dog that it would be better for you to catch for your team, because its pure Electric type and its only weakness to the Earth type bind to a fair amount of powerful movements with STAB that pearls will come to harm Water and Flying type Pokémon. It is also worth mentioning that it is a good bet if you want to use it as a support to face Ghost and Psychic Pokémon, thanks to its Shadow Ball.

Fast movements


Cargo movements

Cruel Volt.
Shadow ball.

Recommended Pokémon to defeat Raikou

Obviously, the Earth-type Pokémon will make their August with Raikou, because they are the most effective since they can damage x2 to Electric type and make him suffer enough. Obviously, you could also use Pokémon from dragon type for its natural resistance to electrical attacks; Yes, the damage you will do to Raikou will be neutral (without bonus), so you will have to choose your options well.

Best Earth-type Pokémon

Groudon (Mud Shot + Earthquake).
Garchomp (Mud Shot + Earthquake).
Rhyperior (Mud Shot + Earthquake).
Mamoswine (Mud Shot + Terratemblor).
Donphan (Mud Shot + Earthquake).

Other Pokémon to watch out for

Sandslash (Mud Shot + Terratemblor).
Swampert (Mud Shot + Earthquake).
Nidoking (Cuts Fury + Living Earth).

Best Pokémon to defeat Entei

Although today there are Trainers in Pokémon GO that exceed Level 40, it is not too advisable face the Fire-type Legendary Dog alone but your best option for defeat Entei and capture him It involves having teams of three players or more, making the task less complicated.

Entei moves

This Legendary Fire Dog has a few moves that ensure you good STAB, so it can spray you in seconds with its quick movements and even cover your back in front of its type weaknesses with its loading movements.

Fast movements

Turn Fire.
Igneous Fang.

Cargo movements

Iron Head.

Recommended Pokémon to defeat Entei

It is not easy to defeat Entei, because not be a double type Pokémon, there is no way to take advantage of a vulnerability x4 and perform a very effective attack that helps us defeat it more easily. So it is best to focus on carrying Water, Earth and Rock type Pokémon on your team or even type Dragon, for its resistance to the Fire type and its access to movements of Water, Rock and Earth (in some cases).

Best Water-type Pokémon

Kyogre (Waterfall + Hydropump).
Kingler (Mud / Bubble Shot + Hammer).
Feraligatr (Cascade + Hydrocannon).
Gyarados (Waterfall + Hydropump).

Best Rock and Earth Pokémon

Rampardos (Anti-Aircraft + Avalanche).
Rhyperior (Anti-Aircraft + Sharp Rock).
Tyranitar (Anti-Aircraft + Sharp Rock).
Garchomp (Mud Shot + Earthquake).

Other Pokémon to watch out for


▪ Release date: 07/06/2016