It has been just a few hours since the first broadcast of “The Last Dance”, a documentary produced by Netflix and ESPN that tells the most intimate stories of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, has officially premiered in the world. Despite the great hype that had been generated, this first taste in the mouth has not disappointed and here we leave you the five best moments. Attention: there are spoilers.

The Cocaine Bulls

The myth told that when Michael Jordan was drafted by the Bulls in 1984, the team was in such a dire situation that players consumed cocaine even while traveling. Jordan, far from denying it, laughed when asked and hinted that it was not a lie.

A guest with a surprise title

Among the multiple interviewees close to the team, he had to stand out a lot and not for his level of access, but for being the most powerful Bulls fan there was. Barack Obama appeared to make his contribution, but the networks exploded when they saw that the producers did not describe him as the former president of the United States, but simply as a “former resident of Chicago.”

All against Jerry Krause

Without a doubt, the villain of the story will be Jerry Krause. The Bulls GM was the architect of the six-time champion team, but his lousy relationship with Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson and everyone who passed by the team made everyone very critical of their role.

Scottie Pippen’s contract.

How come just 30 years ago, a 7-year contract for $ 18 million was reasonable for a superstar? Scottie Pippen signed that deal in 1991 and following the NBA expansion, their deal was one of the biggest bargains ever seen. Even in Pippen’s last year at the Bulls, his contract was the team’s sixth highest.

“God disguised as Michael Jordan”

Larry Bird, Jordan’s rival in his early years and later a partner on the Dream Team, left perhaps the best definition of MJ. The former Boston Celtics forward remembered when Jordan scored 63 points in a playoff game at the Garden (one of Jordan’s first big shows) and recalled the phrase he once said: “That was not Michael Jordan, that it was God disguised as Michael Jordan. “