The best new iPhone games and apps of February 2021

Applications and games are the heart of our iPhone and iPad. With the App Store we can have fun, improve our day to day or communicate with whoever we want thanks to the apps that we can download. And every day they come dozens of new games and apps to the iPhone store.

best apps monthThe best apps and games of the month on the App Store

Among the hundreds of new apps that arrive each week, we collect only the best and we bring them to you every weekend so you can enjoy them. In this month of February, this is the best that has come to the App Store.

The best new games of the second week of February

The best games that have arrived this week.

About Love and Hate 2

As everyone knows, the red button should never be pressed. However, the son of HATE has tripped over the button and is immediately gone. Thus begins the new adventure of LOVE and HATE looking for the careless boy.

Idle Museum: Empire of Art

The objective of this entertaining incremental game is build, repair and manage a museum. Your business is art, culture and history and you will have to manage all kinds of exhibits to tempt visitors to see and contemplate the most incredible collections of art and history.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master en a roguelike action game. Compared to other roguelike action games, here a little wizard fights with magical abilities. You have more than 50 spells and 5 different elements.

Rescue Master!

Let’s save the captured animals! This is an animal puzzle game cute.

The best new apps of the week

The best apps that have arrived this week.

Likes Boom – Magic Pip Effects

The best photo editor and effects app. Users can add funny animal sticker effects and filters on photos. This camera will bring you beautiful old pictures. Use different filters to make your original selfies.

Video compressor pro

This app can help you compress your videos easily. Just choose a video, specify the target size, and then save the finished product or share it with your friends.


Make the world a fun stage for music, dance and imagination. Discover a whole new way to play with LEGO® VIDIYO ™: an exciting new music video creation experience where your children express their love of music, dance and play in a totally safe and positive social network for creative young people.

The best new games of the second week of February

These are the best games that have arrived this week.

Battlepalooza: Battle Royale

A digital game show in the form of battle royale, where the cities of the real world are your arenas. Compete in real time against live contestants from around the world for valuable prizes. Grab as many coins as you can on the battlefield without losing.

Pencil Rush 3D

East world needs a little color. Don’t you think? Time to bring Pencil Rush 3D to life


A visually stunning RTS in which players build the Ultimate battle ship to attack and destroy strategically enemy warships. Climb aboard this indie war game for minimal design, explosive gameplay, and an addictive soundtrack. And nuclear weapons! Never forget nuclear weapons.

Jenga® AR

Play and build your Jenga block tower in augmented reality so you can play in your room or anywhere else.

Build it 3D

Prepare your hammer, the time has come for you to show what you are worth building in the city! The city needs a reform, we need your help! Watch it all from your crane while help to build houses and replace roofs, As well as destroying old buildings with your wrecking ball!

The best new apps of the second week of February

The best apps of the second week of February.

WeeklyPlan – Schedule, Tasks

WeeklyPlan is designed to help you develop a healthy routine of habits that change your life. Set personal goals, track your progress, and motivate yourself to improve!

MP3 Converter - Video to mp3

Extract audio from video and convert it to MP3. You can extract MP3 audio from any video, easily extract audio from YouTube, Tik Tok and other videos.

Subdivisions AI Filter

Instantly light up the sky, make trees greener, sharpen buildings, and more. The BrainFever’s powerful AI analyzes your photo and identifies key features through segmentation. Now you have complete control over each separate feature such as sky, trees, grass, water, etc.

The best new games of the first week of February

These are the best games that arrived in early February.

Infinity kingdom

Conquer the city, discover the infinite! Infinity Kingdom is a online multiplayer strategy game with cartoon style. In your role as a skilled Lord, you must defend the land of Norheim against the evil gnomes, and at the same time protect yourself from other invading players!

Fractal Run

An amazing running game!

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

The struggle of the heroes vs titans. An epic battle for Titan, as complete as never before. Titan Quest has captivated legions of gamers since its debut in 2006. This is the complete edition of Titan Quest, including ALL DLC and technical updates.

Color Sort Puzzle – Pour Water

Color Puzzle – Pour waters a fun and addictive puzzle game. Try to sort the colors in the glass until all the colors are the same. A challenging but relaxing game, pour water, to train your brain. Each water bottle will have different color bars, quickly select the water then pour water into each bottle to complete the game.

The best new apps of the first week of February

The most interesting apps that arrived in the first week of February.


Premoment is an easy to use video editing application that allows you to easily take your videos to the next level. Whether you want to enhance the beauty and magic of your videos or just share fun memories and moments with friends, Premoment is a revolutionary video editor just for you.

Clear Spaces Plus

Clear Spaces allows you create transparent widgets that allow you to move your icons wherever you want.

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