The best Netflix series of the 2000s

If you start to style gray hair, you should look back with this selection of series.

You have come this far, or because you grew up at the beginning of this 21st century or because your best memories television programs are manifested at this time. The T.V. series current owe much of their impact to the first decades of the century and this is because the internet boom, where we all looked at the theories about Lost or what would happen in the next chapter of Breaking bad, on which we already show you recommendations in this article, they made us create a community of series enthusiasts.

Prison Break was one of the great series of the turn of the century.

Login to your account Netflix and leave us the responsibility of recall great titles, whether you like crazy comedies of entanglements, mysteries to be solved or the purest action, both animated and fictional.

A century of series to fill the forums of the network

If you hope to find superhero adventures, you should take a look at The Spectacular Spider-Man, while, for example, if you want a sweet comedy, Gilmore Girls should be your first choice.

SkinsDawson Grows UpGilmore Girls24Arrested DevelopmentPrison BreakThe Spectacular Spider-ManBreaking Bad


We have to travel, this time, to the coast of England, where we will meet another group of teenagers, although in this case, as will happen in the last of the recommendations, an attempt is made to take risks in the topics that are touched and cases of personality disorders, of problems of feeding, complicated family situations, mental diseases and they begin to touch, without much blush, matters such as homosexuality, quite hidden until the beginning of this century or, simply, reason for the odd joke without grace.

Year: 2007 Seasons: 7 Episodes available: 61 Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Dawson grows

Two first proposals with young people and they cannot be found in more distant places, although perhaps the time when both series came to light will give us a clue of the changes that we will be able to find. While this series, classical of the 90s and the beginning of the 21st century, addresses the teenage life of four friends, the differences grow in this proposal, here we have a more dramatic and slow tone. To highlight the appearance, in one of his first great roles of Katie holmes Y Michelle Williams.

Year: 1998 Seasons: 6 Episodes available: 128 Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Gilmore girls

This series, which introduced female protagonists at the dawn of the new century, it is fully recommended for those addicted to personal relationships, rather to his observation, and to Romantic comedies of yore. If you decide to start its viewing, you will enter fully into the life of the Gilmore family, where both mother What daughter will become the absolute protagonists of a show that has captivated millions of viewers in the last two decades.

Year: 2000 Seasons: 7 Episodes: 153 Approximate duration: 45 minutes


If we talk about television history, at least in the thriller and action genre of the 2000s, we had to highlight the figure of Jack bauer, a name that is already associated with a race against time for the most dangerous criminals, always threatening the security of the United States. During its seven seasons, we will witness how Jack must protect himself and his familyboth from external threats and from his own government.

Year: 2001 Seasons: 7 Episodes available: 205 Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Arrested Development

This series, winner of multiple Emmy Awards, rose a few years ago as one of the precursor comedies of the false reality format. Account the story of a peculiar family, led by the character played by Jason Bateman, a widowed son of a financial criminal who has to take charge of de a little big economic catastrophe, which affects their dysfunctional environment in multiple ways. Without a doubt, we are facing one of the great comedies from beginning of century.

Year: 2003 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 76 Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Prison Break

If you like the prison theme, both the environment inside the prisons and the missions to escape them, this series will be completely original for you, at least in its initial approach. A man, Michael scofield, will rob a bank and get caught, only to finish sharing prison with his brother, unjustly, or so he says, convicted of murder. From here, and with a fully tattooed body, Michael will manage to escape from prison together with his brother and defend his honor.

Year: 2005 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 91 Approximate duration: 40 minutes

The spectacular Spider-Man

Although the gender of the animation it may seem to you for children and people with little intellectual maturity, at least as regards the gender of the Superheros, believe us when we decide that this is one of the great animation series from the early years of XXI century and you can enjoy it in Netflix. The history of arachnid hero you already know it well and, in addition, in this title you will be able to enjoy the great villains of the saga, which will put the good old Peter Parker in more than a hurry.

Year: 2008 Seasons: 1 Episodes available: 26 Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Breaking bad

When a teacher high school, with a deadly cancer recently discovered, decides to abandon everything he knows to start a way outside the law, very beneficial economically, manufacturing methamphetamine, we will fully enter into one of the hardest, hardest, shocking and chilling stories of the last decades, being witnesses of birth of one of the cultural icons of this century.

Year: 2008 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 62 Approximate duration: 50 minutes

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