The best Netflix series of so far in 2021

2020 was a year of astonishing successes with the best Netflix series (and movies), which managed to overcome the pitfalls of stopped productions and uncertain postponements. From unclassifiable rarities like Tiger King, to extraordinary dramas like Virgin River and Mank.

Netflix monopolizes the attention for the method of creating more and better content, while the rest of the platforms dealt with the stoppage caused by the coronavirus.

2021 will be the definitive challenge for the company that will try to maintain the rhythm and quality of its extensive repertoire of productions.

For now, we leave you five movies and five series that you can enjoy in January on the platform. And that demonstrate Netflix’s intention to turn this year into another triumph of strategy and creative ability.

The best Netflix series you can already see

‘Bridgerton’, the series that inherits the best of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Although it was released on Christmas Day 2020, the phenomenon of the series has become one of the strengths of the platform’s catalog in 2021.

Based on Julia Quinn’s acclaimed literary saga, Shonda Rhimes’ first Netflix production is pure entertainment.

Furthermore, his debut was surrounded by a very public controversy due to Rhimes’s decision to include the curious subject of mongrel nobles in Regency England. But in the end it is a love story – with intrigues and a gossipy headline in between – that has captivated a large part of the audience and raised it as one of the best Netflix series.

‘Lupine’, the Netflix series pulling adaptations

This free adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s classics has become an instant hit for its ingenious combination of a frenetic storyline and a brilliant journey through the best of the heist movie genre.

For the occasion, the brilliant actor Omar Sy dazzles with smart and agile performance that allows him to become a modern version of the beloved literary Arsenio Lupine.

‘The Night Stalker’, a bit of crime

Richard Ramirez is one of the most violent and feared criminals in American history, and Netflix recovers the story of his reign of terror in a splendid docuseries of 4 chapters.

With its bittersweet and direct tone, it is one of the best Netflix series; it is unsettling in its uncanny ability to baffle and seduce in equal measure.

‘The history of swearing’, nothing can go wrong with Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage will take you on an amazing journey through the etymology, effect and power of swear words, that will surprise you with its ability to show the evolution of language.

Beyond the jokes and jokes at the cost of vulgarity and procacity, the program is an eloquent look at the history of humanity and its ways of communicating that surprises with its effectiveness and sense of humor.

‘Surviving death’, a little enigma existence on Netflix

The docuserie poses several of the existential enigmas after death and reincarnation from an apparently scientific point of view.

The argument raises all kinds of questions about inexplicable events and also methodically analyzes the possibility of the supernatural. Criticized and praised in equal measure, it is a unique journey through themes that are rarely analyzed from such a point of view.

Five movies on Netflix

‘Pieces of a woman’, the next Netflix movie for the Oscars?

The film, which offers a stark new look at neonatal grief, is perhaps one of the great surprises of the year.

Is about a contained, deep and brilliant argument that supports a look at the nature of pain and the duel that is rarely shown on screen. One of the best Netflix movies.

‘Outside the Wire’, a sort of Netflix’s ‘Tenet’

This extraordinary dystopia headlined by Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris, Pilou Asbæk, Emily Beecham, Michael Kelly, Kristina Tonteri-Young is a reimagining of the classic spy movie, only on a whole new level.

With an undeniable resemblance to Tenet he is also a fast-paced tour of action that will keep you in awe until the last scene.

‘Penguin Bloom’, pure drama

Samantha Bloom (Naomi Watts) must learn to live again, after an accident leaves her paraplegic and in the middle of a very harsh emotional situation.

Topical? Extravagant? Certainly, but also a journey of unusual beauty through emotions, fear and in the end a discreet redemption that moves by its eloquence.

‘Finding’ OHana ‘, a movie without complications

With his friendly and fundamentally calm air, Weng’s film is an idyllic journey through his childhood, the power of imagination and the search for personal time.

It is perhaps what you need for a cinematic experience that will leave you with a moving smile.

‘What Happened to Mr. Cha?’, Perhaps the most surprising of Netflix

When a diminished superstar tries to regain his lost glory, anything can happen, but especially that redemption – inevitable – that will show him how to create and build a new future.

A little epic that might surprise you for his insight into fame, recognition, love and ultimately that singular thing we call happiness.