The best Netflix, Amazon and HBO sitcoms

If you enjoy hooligan comedies, which are already part of television history, we have the perfect dose of humor for you.

Maybe it’s the comedies, those television productions that greater acceptance have among a large majority of the audience, since, let’s face it, on many occasions we need to disconnect and for this, nothing is more gratifying than laughing open-jaw. As we do not want to exclude anyone, we are going to leave you our recommendations in matters of sitcoms, both in Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video, and so you have places where you can enjoy the content, as we already recommended in the article in which we showed you series similar to Modern Family.

Superstore is one of the most unknown comedies on Amazon Prime VIdeo.

So we do not entertain you anymore and we leave you, in the following paragraphs, with the comedies that we have believed best represent the spirit of the classic sitcom, those that triumphed in the decades of the 70s, 80s and 90s. If you have any series that you would like to add, you already know that you can find us on social networks and we will be happy to read you.

Crazy people, professions and situations are the stars of this list

Whether you want to know what happens inside a Supermarket, in the cool Superstore, as if you think the police stations are serious places, take a look at Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we have great sitcoms, classic and current, to entertain you on your favorite platforms: Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

SuperstoreBrooklyn Nine-NineFriendsVote JuanHow I Met Your MotherThe Big Bang TheoryArrested DevelopmentSeinfeld


The great comedies, usually and especially in the case of sitcoms, usually take place in specific places and this time we will have the opportunity to attend the internal organization of a supermarket, American how could it be otherwise, so chaotic What fun. With characters Quite well outlined, arguments that achieve have fun throughout dozens of chapters and with everyday situations that have happened to all of us inside this establishment, this series, available at Amazon Prime Video, is one of the great unknown of the platform.

Year: 2016Seasons: 5Episodes available: 98Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Brooklyn nine-nine

We are facing one of those series whose description would do it little justice, since the amount of characters, nuances and situations that you will see displayed before your eyes will be too interesting to simply describe them. If you want to meet one of the quirkier police stations, with the funniest agents, I think this is the series you were looking for. With actors practically unknown to the general public, you won’t be able to avoid sit and watch, one after another, all its chapters, available in Netflix.

Year: 2013 Seasons: 6 Episodes available: 130 Approximate duration: 20 minutes


One of the reference series of HBO, that many people know each other from top to bottom and that is impossible not to recommend, was all the rage at the end of the last century. On this occasion, we will meet a group of friends, in the wonderful city of New York, which have already become part of our life. If you’ve been hiding or hiding in a bunker for the past 20 years, you should give one of the most important comic series in television history.

Year: 1994 Seasons: 10 Episodes available: 235 Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Vote Juan

Javier Chamber is the undisputed protagonist of a series that addresses the political class of our country, I am afraid that in other places they will also be embarrassingly represented, and that it seeks to be the Spanish House of Cards, with which the humor and bordering on shabby enters within our borders. History tells us about Juan, a Minister of Agriculture that is presented to primaries of his party, in the search for access to the presidency of the government.

Year: 2019Seasons: 2Episodes available: 15Approximate duration: 25 minutes

how I Met Your Mother

Few can doubt the humorous quality of this wonderful television series, which began its broadcasts around the beginning of the century, and which was conquering the hearts of the spectators, so much for the enviable Group of friends, as if seeking the resolution of the mystery of the series, yes, the one that appears in the title itself, but that caused the go to of many of its followers, since we could classify it within the group of endings little valued by the audience. Simple, straightforward and straight to the heart.

Year: 2005 Seasons: 9 Episodes: 208 Average duration: 20 minutes

The Big Bang Theory

It is essential, when it comes to understanding the 21st century comedies, that we enter the field of stereotypes and I don’t think there is any other series that has managed to combine the science genius wisdom with the most savvy comedy that we have been able to witness in a long time. When a Group of friends, weird and smart like themselves, they decide to go into hostile territories, outside of books, studies and video games, they will need all the help they can and for this they will use their neighbor on the landing, the omnipresent Penny. We warn you that as you see the first chapter, available in HBO, already you won’t be able to stop.

Year: 2007 Seasons: 12 Episodes available: 280 Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Arrested Development

This series, multiple Emmy Award winner, was raised a few years ago as one of the precursor comedies of the false reality format. Account the story of a peculiar family, led by the character played by Jason Bateman, a widowed son of a financial criminal who has to take charge of de a little big economic catastrophe, which affects their dysfunctional environment in multiple ways. Without a doubt, we are facing one of the great comedies from beginning of century.

Year: 2003 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 76 Approximate duration: 20 minutes


When a TV series It bears in its title the name of its protagonist, who also happens to be exactly the same as the actor that represents it, one of the best comedians In recent decades in America, something special has to happen. We are not exaggerating if we speak in terms of one of the best humor series of television history, when we refer to this work, which shows us the life of Jerry in the city of New York, along with his ex-wife and his best friends.

Year: 1989 Seasons: 9 Episodes available: 173 Approximate duration: 20 minutes

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