Do you remember when Android phones came with 8 or 16 GB of storage memory? Go those times. Not only did we have to be very careful with the applications that we installed on our smartphone, since the memory ran out quickly, but occasionally we had to delete documents, photos or directly uninstall apps that we didn’t use because we couldn’t install the new update by WhatsApp.

Luckily today the brands have put their batteries. Smartphones (even low / mid range ones) already have much more storage memory and except in extreme cases, in theory we should not have memory problems. Now, what can we do if, despite everything, we are still lacking more storage memory in our smartphones? Well, one of two, or we use cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive, or we buy any of the microSD cards that we recommend below.

Indeed, despite being in 2020 we continue to recommend the purchase of microSD cards

Interestingly, high-end phones have dispensed with many things, such as the headphone jack, the FM radio or the MicroSD card slot. However, this does not seem to have affected the low-end and mid-range that against all odds, continue to maintain these characteristics. The reasons? We don’t know.

That’s why in case we have a low range or a mid-range device, It does not hurt to accompany it with a good microSD card. But, had we not agreed in its day that it was better not to use a memory card in an Android smartphone? Yes but no.

More than a few users affirm that inserting a microSD card into a smartphone causes its performance to be impaired and sincerely they are not without reason. Of course we have always advocated alternative uses such as the cloud services mentioned above, but it is also true that a 64 GB microSD card is much cheaper than 64 GB in a cloud service. In this way, before having to throw away a smartphone or be forced to change it because there is no more space in the storage memory, why not buy a microSD card and speed up its useful life a little more?

In addition, microSD cards are used for much more than to store our photos and documents on the smartphone. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch need this type of accessories to increase their limited internal memory (especially if we are addicted to buying games online) and there are not a few computers that still have microSD slots. For that reason, not, it is no nonsense to buy a microSD in 2020.

But to the mess, We leave you up to four of the best cards that we can acquire for less than 20 euros. All of them from well-known brands such as SanDisk, Samsung or Kingston, so their quality is beyond doubt. For less than 20 euros we have up to 64 GB of storage memory although if you are willing to pay a little more, you can even get 128 or 256 GB cards, it all depends on you.

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