The month of July ends and we enter the second month of summer vacation. Leisure, plans and enjoyment remain one of our priorities, but remember that you have to protect yourself against the coronavirus. If you are on the beach or at home dying of heat from this wave that has arrived, Capitán Offers has prepared a selection of items with which you can have a good time.

« The Poison » T-shirt: Turned into a true LGBT icon for her defense of the trans community and making it visible on television, Cristina Ortiz, better known as « La Veneno », has even had a television series that compiles the great points of her life. You can already have this shirt in its tribute from the FormulaTV store with its particular phrase « I say ».

Buy: 15,98 euros

« The Poison » T-shirt and Nikon SLR camera

Nikon SLR Camera: If you want to have a good team with which to become a true professional photographer, you cannot miss the opportunity offered by the great discount of this Nikon reflex camera. It has a 24.3 px sensor, as well as included services such as access to the Nikonista club and an annual review service.

Buy: 1,100.99 euros

Ezra’s Funko from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’: Completed in 2018, ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ was one of the first series proposals in the « Star Wars » universe and Ezra one of its main protagonists. You can already have the funko of this little rascal who ended up becoming a Padawan.

Buy: 9.84 euros

Ezra’s Funko from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ and Samsung Smart TV 55′

Samsung Smart TV 55 « : With the heat that it is and being at home enduring it, there is no better companion to distract yourself than a good Smart TV that allows you to watch your favorite series and programs in full quality. Here you have this 55 « Samsung with 4K quality and numerous integrated apps for your enjoyment.

Buy: 509.99 euros

‘Chernobyl’ (Complete miniseries): ‘Chernobyl’ has become one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed fictions with those five episodes narrating the harsh events surrounding the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Buy on: DVD – 19.95 euros / Blu-Ray: 24.94 euros

‘Chernobyl’ and MSI Pro desktop computer

MSI Pro desktop computer: Implemented teleworking in our lives, it has become necessary to have a computer with which to work from home. Captain Offers brings you this all-in-one from MSI with touch screen and a very competitive price.

Buy: 339.34 euros

Fringe (Complete series): ‘Fringe’ managed to become one of the science fiction series that conquered the public. In addition, the fact of having J.J. Abrams, an expert in this field, was a great incentive to see her. If you have not seen it yet, enjoy the five seasons that make it up with this pack.

Buy on: DVD – 59.95 euros

Fringe and Huawei MediaPad M6

Huawei MediaPad M6: A tablet helps you stay connected whenever you need to and take a small computer with you everywhere. In addition, the opportunities it gives you to enjoy your favorite series. Have you already taken a look at this Huawei MediaPad?

Buy: 299.99 euros

‘Bones’ (Complete series): It is one of the procedures par excellence. ‘Bones’ has carved a niche in our memories with the endearing Doctor Bones and her ability to extract all the information from the corpses. Collect their cases and enjoy them in this pack of the complete series.

Buy on: DVD – 99.95 euros

‘Bones’ and Epson projector

Epson EB-U05 projector: Bring the big screen home with this Epson projector that lets you enjoy your favorite series and movies in comfort. The Epson projector has Full HD quality and has a long life, as its lamp lasts up to 10,000 hours.

Buy: 548.94 euros

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