Throughout the week we have recommended a series of works that have become important references that you should not miss, to improve your working library.

Main e-commerce sites

In Quick access guide to online sales: How to sell in the main e-commerce sites Norris Crest It explains how to sell on sites like eBay, where it teaches you how to use the minimum starting prices and how to use Paypal. Within the work it also reminds us how to generate sales of large and small items through Amazon and how to sell a house online.

Good leadership

In The Power of Positive Leadership: How and Why Positive Leaders Transform Teams and Organizations and Change the World Jon Gordon It explains how positive thinking helps leaders improve their teams and the organizations they are in.

Gordon’s argument in this book spans 12 chapters where he talks about leading the way to change, putting aside criticism, and getting the job done; find your purpose and live for it; teaches you to pursue excellence, teaches you to be subservient and to dimension the care of your brand.

Become a desirable brand

In I want this brand !: How to build desirable (Thematic) brands, Nicholas ind (Author) and Oriol Iglesias They explain what the meaning behind a desirable brand is and at what point this desire becomes important.

Another of the topics addressed within this work are the key elements in building desirable brands, how to learn to manage them, use innovation, guide from experience and storytelling.

The value of a brand: Mayo Clinic

In Brand Aid: The Revolutionary Transformation of the Mayo Clinic Brand (English Edition), John La Forgia It explains how they can face problems in health care marketing, the natural evolution that must be fostered in a brand and how to correct a department within the brand that helps its best operation.

Brands are great protagonists in history and in the contemporary era, their history and innovation bets are great attractions with which they have managed to build references in the market.

Get more clients

In Coaching for Miracles: Get more clients and help more people Raimon Samsó He explains that from simple strategies and what he calls are powerful principles, you can achieve greater visibility with a brand based on recommendations and the rethinking of products, where he even gives you recommendations for a personal brand to achieve that you build a greater number of clients.

Another of the author’s work proposals is that this can be accomplished through couching, inspiring change across the enterprise, and solving problems with additional resources.