the best Mac app is on sale for a limited time

Spring is here, and with WWDC just around the corner it’s a perfect time to get your Mac up to speed. Although the maintenance of Apple computers is quite simple, it never hurts to use a tool. Especially to clean up all that digital garbage that has been accumulating in this year of teleworking. And CleanMyMac X is the best in that field.

To carry out basic maintenance tasks on the Mac, we can use a large number of different applications, each one for a task, but we want to recommend an app. One that includes everything you need to keep your Mac up to date and not worrying about it and it is also on sale for a limited time ..

CleanMyMac X, the all-in-one for Mac

CleanMyMac is one of the most complete and most used applications to perform all kinds of maintenance tasks on the Mac. It allows you to eliminate the cache files accumulated by the system, uninstall apps without a trace and even repair the most common errors that cause file corruption. In short, clean the Mac.

CleanMyMac X is the best app to effortlessly maintain your Mac. Clean tons of useless files with only one goal: to get your computer back to the speed of the first day.

Download for free and try CleanMyMac X.

In addition, it also includes a powerful computer acceleration and optimization tool, a set of options to improve Mac performance, and an automatic system that watches over the trash and automatically deletes unnecessary files. It is fully compatible with BigSur.

You can download and use CleanMyMac X totally free during its trial period and later choose to buy a subscription or buy the app only once and use it forever.

CleanMyMac X is now on offer for a limited time in its subscription model, with discounts ranging from 10 euros per user to more than 129 euros discount if you opt for the license for 5 macs (ideal for a group of friends, for example). The single purchase method also has a discount.

The offer is limited and will not last long, so if you want to take the opportunity to update your Mac using CleanMyMac X this is the time.