The best horror movies of 2021 to be scared

Take the popcorn out of the microwave and your most resistant cushions: horror movies of 2021 are coming strong. After a year marked by the expansion of COVID-19, and in which the film industry has suffered greatly under sanitary restrictions and confinement, we want more than ever to enter a new year in which to enjoy on the big screen. Or, in this case, have a terrible time. But in a good way, you understand us. In 2021 we will have some good scary sessions thanks to these films that we review here, with their corresponding release dates (which could change as the situation in our country continues to evolve) and some reasons why they could become the best horror films of the year.

In recent years, horror has been one of the most powerful genres. After the slasher rush of the eighties, the nineties and early 2000s were a succession of true horrors in the bad sense of the word, where the genre seemed drowned in sequels of sequels and platitudes that provoked more laughter than terror. But in recent years the dynamics have completely changed. Creators such as Ari Aster, director of ‘Hereditary’ and ‘Midsommar’, or Robert Eggers with ‘The Witch’ have shown that the genre is more alive than ever and that there is still much to say.

And there is nothing like a good horror movie to show us the power of cinema, that of staging, that of atmosphere, light and shadows. Every movie buff or aspiring filmmaker has ever dreamed of creating a horror movie with which to hit viewers in their seats. We are sure that this year 2021 we will once again have many opportunities to enjoy one of the most admired and popular genres of the seventh art. Although the dates continue to dance in these crazy times of pandemic (sorry), we can assure that we will have quite a few terrifying dates throughout this 2021. Here are the most outstanding ones.

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It premiered: January 15.

Undoubtedly, one of the most talked about horror films of the year, and this Australian film was endorsed by critics, as well as an award at the last Sitges Festival. Natalie Erika James shows us three women of different generations in the same family (Emily mortimer, Bella Heathcote, Robyn nevin) who are locked in the house of the matriarch, who suffers from a neurodegenerative disease.

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Peninsula (Train to Busan 2)

It premiered: April 23rd.

The South Korean ‘Train to Busan’ was an absolute success around the world, and that is why we were not surprised by its sequel, entitled ‘Peninsula’. Again: zombies galore. The story takes us four years after the events we saw in the original film, a time when the entire country has been affected by the epidemic. A soldier will try to rescue the uninfected who are still trapped in the middle of the apocalypse

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Spiral: Saw

Release date: May 21th.

‘Saw’ is back! The famous horror saga has decided to stop releasing sequels and return to the beginning. Darren lynn bousman has hit the ‘restart’ button in the franchise, and the first step is this movie titled ‘Spiral’, which features Chris rock Y Samuel L. Jackson as protagonists. What changes have they made to what we already knew about these horror movies? Are we facing something totally different? Will there be blood?

The Warren File: Forced By The Demon

Release date: June 4.

Just in time for summer will arrive the third installment of the ‘Warren File’ saga, which reunites the Warren couple (Patrick Wilson Y Vera farmiga) to investigate a new paranormal case. This time, they will have to discover what lies behind the case of a man who is accused of murder after being possessed by a demon.

A quiet place 2

Release date: June 18.

If ‘A quiet place’ left you wanting more, you won’t have to wait much longer to enjoy the sequel, again directed by John krasinski and starring Emily blunt. The world is the same: monsters terrorize the earth, but their blindness allows small groups of humans to survive if they manage not to make too much noise. Silence will once again be key in this sequel, which will see the Abbot family embark on a dangerous journey.

The Purge: Infinite

Release date: July 17th.

Fans of ‘The purge’, enjoy this fifth installment, because it will be the last. The end of the saga comes in 2021 to immerse ourselves in that night of violence without consequences. Twelve hours of terror in a city that accepts that murder is not a crime, and in which forces greater than vandalism come into play. What will this latest movie show us?

Escape Room 2

Release date: July 30.

Although in 2020 we have not had the opportunity to visit too many Escape Rooms, we are dying to do it next year. The same that we have to see it again on the screen. The sequel to the horror film released in 2019 will be released throughout the year to once again delight us with a group of young people locked in a dangerous game whose answers will be life or death.

Don’t breathe 2

Release date: 20th of August.

After the good reception of its first installment, directed by Fede Alvarez, ‘Do not breathe’ will return to the screens of the hand of Rodo Sayagues. In this sequel we will meet again with Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang), a former soldier whose blindness does not prevent him from defending his home when attacked. This time, you will have to rescue a girl who has been kidnapped.


Release date: August 27th.

Remake of the classic ‘Candyman, the domain of the mind’, this film by Nia DaCosta made by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Doctor Manhattan in the series ‘Watchmen’) tells the story of a couple who move into their new apartment, in a building that hides a dark past: a murderer who is invoked by repeating his name five times in front of the mirror. But what if it’s not an urban legend from the past?

The best classic horror movies

Halloween Kills

Release date: October 15th.

After ‘Halloween night’, which revitalized the franchise created by John carpenter In 2018, the second part of this new trilogy created by David gordon green, and starring a Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) that is not to endure any longer the tireless Michael Myers. The story that we will see in this film will continue with the already announced ‘Halloween Ends’.

Antlers: Dark Creature

Release date: October 29th.

Keri russell (‘The Americans’) and Jesse plemons (‘I’m thinking of quitting’) lead the cast of this horror movie from Scott cooper. In it they play two brothers from a small town in Oregon, where they work as a teacher and sheriff, and in which a young man begins to attract their attention. They had reasons: this mysterious young man has some secrets that could put them in danger.

Last night in Soho

Release date: November 5th.

The new of Edgar wright (director of ‘Baby Driver’ and ‘Zombies Party’) promises to be one of the great horror movies of the year. Not only because the British director never disappoints, but also because his cast includes Anya Taylor-Joy (the ‘Lady’s Gambit’ star) and Matt smith (seen in ‘The Crown’). The little we know about the story is that it happens at night in the Soho neighborhood of London.

Evil one

Release date: September 3.

A new movie by James wan it is always an event for any horror fan. The director of ‘Insidious’ will release in 2021 a new film about which we still know very little, but whose story will revolve around two women fleeing from a terrifying monster. Do you want a good ‘survival horror’?


Release date: Postponed to January 28, 2022.

One of the most famous villains in the ‘Spider-Man’ comics will finally have his own movie on the big screen. And it looks terrifying. Jared Leto brings to life this character, a doctor whose experiment to cure a blood disease gets out of hand and he ends up turned into a vampire. It promises action, bad vibes and Leto in unleashed mode.

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