Although we have been confined at home for almost two weeks due to COVID-19 or Coronavirus, we still do not really know when we will be able to leave the house. Hence the fact that teleworking has become something essential in the day to day.

So in addition to a good team with which to work, such as a laptop, an iPad or a Microsoft Surface – unfortunately Android tablets are not good for working-, good software is essential.

And although companies such as Microsoft or Apple itself have some of the most popular applications and tools to work with, we cannot forget Google and it is that if the Big G company is known for anything it is for its multitude of services, all of them by the way, In addition to being totally free, they are cross-platform, so we can use them on computers, smartphones and tablets.


On these homebound dates, one of the things we miss the most – or not – is seeing our co-workers face. Therefore Hangouts is a perfect app with which you can hold meetings with other colleagues or just to see your face and chat for a long time.

Google Docs, Calculation Times and Google Slides

Three in one. Although Microsoft Office is with Word, Excel and Powerpoint the absolute king in terms of office applications, Google tools are not far behind and have several really useful features. First, they are completely free, sync seamlessly with Google Drive, and allow multiple users to work and edit the same document at once.

Google Drive

Of course for telecommuting, you need to have a good cloud service. Again in the market there are many options, although one of the best known is Google Drive, for being one of the cloud services that offer the most storage in its free version and above all for how well it works.

Google calendar

And of course for everything in telework to go smoothly, we need to be perfectly organized. List events, online meetings, projects that must be submitted before a date … for all this, a good calendar app is vital and although, as we have previously said, there are many options, we will not fool you, few apps outperform the Google calendar.

As you can see, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money to be able to work from the comfort of our home. With a good device and applications and tools like the ones Google offers us completely free of charge, we can get a lot out of our work despite not being in our office in person. Furthermore, the advantage of these tools is that it does not matter if we work with a Windows PC, a MacBook, an iPad or an Android tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, on all these devices we can use Google services.

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